Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alpacas and Pumpkins and Caterpillars, oh my!

Hey look Grace is awake!

Oh wait she's asleep again.

I'm really excited about Halloween this year.  I guess I've always enjoyed, but for some reason this year is more exciting.   I've been having a hard time trying to figure out what to be.  Maybe a dragon again, or a fire fighter. How about a pirate?  Only one more week until Halloween, I better figure it out soon.

On Thursday we all went up to Hood River to get some apples and see the fall colors.  Dad packed a really nice box of Spitzenbergs and I boxed myself up with a few bags of other apples.

Mom, Dad and Grece posed for a photo.  I managed to run out of the shot just in time before the timer went off.  No worries, I'm in a lot of the other photos.

We saw alpacas at an alpaca farm.  They're like cuddly little camels and I want one, but Mom and Dad won't let me have one.

We also saw some goats, played on straw bales and got some apple cider.

On Friday we went over to Joaquin's family's house to carve our jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.  Our buddy Alice joined us and we helped our parents with the pumpkins.  Mostly we scooped out the seeds and the parents did the cutting.

At some point I really got into scooping out the seeds and had to take my shirt off.

On Saturday we went to a big Halloween party at Alice's house.  Did I mention I love Halloween?

Grace dressed up as the very hungry caterpillar.  Dad was all the stuff the caterpillar eats, Mom was a witch and I was a fireman.

Joaquinn was a cowboy and Alice was a flower.  Lot's of other kids came too.  One boy was a dragon and I spent a good portion of the evening chasing him down and trying to put out his fire.

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Betty Smith said...

Grace is soooo cute as a caterpillar!!