Sunday, November 29, 2009

We are Thankful!

Gobble... Gobble.... Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Our family is thankful for our family and friends, our home, our jobs, a little sunshine and great food.
We are especially thankful to have this sweet new chin to kiss. Grandma and Grandpa Steves came out for a visit and to meet Grace!
We are particularly grateful that they were able to spend Thanksgiving with us and to cuddle with my sweet little sister.
Well, maybe not so little. Grace had her 2 month check-up and weighed in at 12 lbs and 24 inches... which translates to a pretty darned tall baby. Otherwise she is doing very well! She has a wee little cold, but nothing major, just building up her immune system.
So, Grandma and Grandpa came into town on Tuesday, I prepared by painting them a great turkey picture. We had a nice evening filled with good company and crab! Yum.
The next morning we headed to Bob's for breakfast and to give Mom some time to get a little bit of work done.
We had a great time in the park and enjoying a pretty day.
In the afternoon we got a lot of baking done to get ready for Thanksgiving!
Grace chatted with Grandma, she loved hearing her voice and really tuned into whenever Grandma was talking. I was so helpful... really! Got the apples processed, helped mix the apple pie filling, helped mix the pumpkin cake and sprinkle the top on. It was great!
Thanksgiving was rainy, perfect for hunkering down inside and doing tons of cooking and a little movie watching. I really got into the Thanksgiving parade for a little bit, and helped cook when I was over the big balloons and marching bands. We had our big meal at lunch time, which gave us plenty of time for digesting.
Everything was fantastic, particularly the turkey, which was just perfect,
the company was a treat,
the day went very nicely. Friday, we headed over to the zoo.
The rain had cleared and it was beautiful out. We walked Grandma and Grandpa all over the place; in addition to visiting most of the animals,
I also played the drums and thought that being a dentist for a lion was a good idea.
As usual, I played on the monkey bars, and we all enjoyed a very nice morning.
For lunch we headed over to the Laurelwood pub and had yummy burgers (well, I had chicken nuggets, but the grown-ups all enjoyed their meals and beers).
Grandma Steves made Gracie this cute outfit.
She made the dress, slip, jacket and hand embroidered pretty little flowers on all of them! She looks beautiful in it! Almost as sweet as she looked in Grandpa Steves arms.
Saturday we headed to the Saturday Market.
It was fun to see all of the vendors and snack on fresh roasted chestnuts and cashews,
oh and an elephant ear (that we passed on at the zoo). I love those big cinnamon-sugar covered ears. We took the MAX over to Kenny and Zukes to enjoy a great deli lunch.
We had a wonderful visit with Grandma and Grandpa Steves and feel blessed that they were able to come all the way out to Portland to spend such valuable quality time. We sent them back home that evening, we will miss them! Today was a little tough for us all after all of the excitement of the weekend. Mom and I ended up going for a bikeride to the coffee shop, like we did with Grandma Terri a few weeks ago. That didn't wear me out enough for a nap.
Val and Joaquin saved us all from ourselves by joining us for a great walk at Oaks Bottom park.
There were all sorts of great distractions and we got to enjoy a beautiful evening with friends. These days, I am enjoying being a big-brother, and have taken to super spelunking.
I build caves out of blankets, don a cape and get cuddly in my cave with my safety hat and head lamp. The cape is quite important these days, even lion gets one... so he can fly.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

cooling down

Hello cool weather, stormy skies, hot chocolate and hunkering down at home. Well, mostly at home... Mom and Grace on their days home together managed to visit with Val and Joaquin a few days then headed in to meet Dad, Vanessa and Robyn for a delish lunch at a venezuelan food cart... it was definitely worth braving the cold windy weather for the company and really tasty tidbits.
All in all a good start to the week, well, that is until Mom and I headed out together for Trader Joes one evening. I was actually behaving pretty well, but in my efforts to navigate my wee cart very carefully (Shopper in training), I backed into a stack of wine crates and they came crashing down!!!!! Glass, and wine was everywhere! Nobody was hurt, the staff was all very nice about it, but Mom was mortified. I don't think she'll be taking me back to TJs for a little while, luckily Dad likes to go still. I don't really know what the big deal was, everyone rushed over to clean it up, they were all so nice to me, in fact by the next aisle as we were trying to make a speedy escape I asked Mom if I could have a balloon now... she said "uh, we don't get a balloon today" bummer.
The rest of our week was relatively uneventful, mostly playing at home.
I have gotten very good at building leggo robots! Grace keeps on getting bigger.
Now she is this big! Saturday was fun, we went to Julius' 3rd birthday party!
It was a great time full of racetracks, cupcakes
and an awesome butterfly catching game.
We followed up a great birthday with dinner at Laughing Planet (my favorite) with Cat, Chris and Benjamin who was sporting an awesome new haircut. Today was another day around the house.
This morning I got to excavate some dinosaur bones from a kit that was a treat from Julius' birthday.
I have decided it was so much fun that I want to be a paleontologist now. I wore the hat I got from the birthday party as a bee stinger all morning.
Dad got stung a few times. We did some yard work during the sunbreaks.
I was really good at getting the leaves out of the bushes, and spent most of my time INSIDE of the bushes.
I am also getting good at puzzles, and have been helping everyone at school with theirs. Doing puzzles requires special gear.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate!

This weekend was pretty awesome! Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom came out for a visit! Good thing too, Grace has already grown so much.
(that's her with Daddy's ring). Grandma actually arrived Thursday, so we had a great evening with her.
Grace and I worked on our "Tummy time" together. Friday, Grandma and I got to finally make cupcakes! I called her a week before Halloween to ask if we could make cupcakes together when she visited next, and didn't forget, not even a little bit.
I was so excited. We got to put sprinkles on the chocolate covered cupcakes and have enjoyed them for dessert whenever possible. We had to let them cool before frosting them, so went for a walk/bike-ride to the coffeeshop down the street.
I actually rode the whole way... my longest bike ride ever! Maybe the promise of hot chocolate at the end helped me keep my energy up.
I almost made it all the way home, but the big hill at the end made me nervous
so Grandma rode my bike the last block home.... she's pretty funny!
That night Dad made us a yummy pumpkin curry with the pumpkins from our garden... and of course a cupcake for dessert. Grandpa's plane was delayed that night so he didn't make it in until Saturday morning.
After picking him up we headed out for a light breakfast at Crema.
We had a great day all together. Lots of puzzles, enjoying my new jammies and cars.... oh and lots of cuddling!
That afternoon, I went to my first play with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Terri. We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... my favorite was the Oompa Loompas and the chocolate pipes and river! I came home with a cool oompa loompa dance and a chocolate song! It was awesome. We had a great dinner from Nicholas' .
Today was mostly play time with the Grandparents (do you like my hiding-hole? I decided to live here from now on).
and running a few errands for stuff around the house.
We had a wonderful visit!
This evening I got to catch-up with my friends Alice, Joaquin and their folks! We did some awesome fall crafts, I excelled at the pipe-cleaners, but we also had some good apple prints .
Everyone enjoyed a nice dinner together before we got pretty wild running around the house.