Sunday, November 22, 2009

cooling down

Hello cool weather, stormy skies, hot chocolate and hunkering down at home. Well, mostly at home... Mom and Grace on their days home together managed to visit with Val and Joaquin a few days then headed in to meet Dad, Vanessa and Robyn for a delish lunch at a venezuelan food cart... it was definitely worth braving the cold windy weather for the company and really tasty tidbits.
All in all a good start to the week, well, that is until Mom and I headed out together for Trader Joes one evening. I was actually behaving pretty well, but in my efforts to navigate my wee cart very carefully (Shopper in training), I backed into a stack of wine crates and they came crashing down!!!!! Glass, and wine was everywhere! Nobody was hurt, the staff was all very nice about it, but Mom was mortified. I don't think she'll be taking me back to TJs for a little while, luckily Dad likes to go still. I don't really know what the big deal was, everyone rushed over to clean it up, they were all so nice to me, in fact by the next aisle as we were trying to make a speedy escape I asked Mom if I could have a balloon now... she said "uh, we don't get a balloon today" bummer.
The rest of our week was relatively uneventful, mostly playing at home.
I have gotten very good at building leggo robots! Grace keeps on getting bigger.
Now she is this big! Saturday was fun, we went to Julius' 3rd birthday party!
It was a great time full of racetracks, cupcakes
and an awesome butterfly catching game.
We followed up a great birthday with dinner at Laughing Planet (my favorite) with Cat, Chris and Benjamin who was sporting an awesome new haircut. Today was another day around the house.
This morning I got to excavate some dinosaur bones from a kit that was a treat from Julius' birthday.
I have decided it was so much fun that I want to be a paleontologist now. I wore the hat I got from the birthday party as a bee stinger all morning.
Dad got stung a few times. We did some yard work during the sunbreaks.
I was really good at getting the leaves out of the bushes, and spent most of my time INSIDE of the bushes.
I am also getting good at puzzles, and have been helping everyone at school with theirs. Doing puzzles requires special gear.

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James said...

Wow, I'll have to try the wine trick, Owen! Sounds pretty cool, though I'm sure my mom would be mortified too. (They're so silly like that.) Grace sure is getting big, and so darn cute!
Love, James