Sunday, November 08, 2009


Its been a great week... full of friends visiting (another conference was in town... love the conference circuit), swimming, smiley Grace and silliness.

Early in the week, Mom and Grace got to visit with Christy, Amber and Val for lunch. It was great for them to get out for some good company and pizza! Wednesday was my last day with this swim session, I'm starting the next one next week, so I'll stay in shape.
My backfloat has gotten awesome! Still working on my flutter kick and front glide. When we got back from swim lessons, I got to visit with Cascade and Matt came over and brought dinner!
It was so fun to catch-up with them, though I missed Caden. Grace got some great cuddling time in too. Speaking of cuddling... the next afternoon Suzanne came over!!! YAY! We had a wonderful time chatting and playing. Suzanne is so silly and so great with Grace.
I busted out my Cow hat, and wore it pretty much for the next two days. Mom even had to go to Fred Meyers with me in my super cool outfit of hot pink sunglasses (worn inside as well), Cow hat, and puffy orange vest. I actually fit in pretty well on Hawthorne. After grocery shopping we got to go out for a cookie down the street... my and Mom's favorite outing together :)
Afterwards I actually took a nap... a rare occurrence these days, but really helps Mom out when both Grace and I are at home. This weekend was relatively quiet.
Saturday we went to the market, and got drenched and spent the rest of the day hanging out at home.
Grace showed off her cute sweater that Grandma Terri made her, it finally fits her!
Dad and I put together my Lincoln Log fort. This morning we enjoyed a great blueberry muffin filled morning with Alice, Dan and Robyn.
I love playing with Alice... and eating muffins! Mom forgot to grab the camera but we had a great morning. I hung out with Dad and Grace in the afternoon while Mom did a little bit of work. We got a lot done. Grace is busting out with a few more smiles, though still pretty fleeting. She gives them mostly when she is practicing holding her head up, it makes her so proud!

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Rebecca Jackson said...

I can't believe how big little Miss Grace is getting! It sounds like Owen is being a great big brother. I love the sweater that Grandma T made. Too cute!