Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Well, I've finally figured out this Halloween business... and it certainly is rewarding!

We had a nice week here... it was Mom's first few days with both me and Grace by herself... Daddy had been home for the other days when I wasn't in preschool.
Day-1: Perfect! Everyone behaved so well and the day went very smoothly... I did three puzzles! Day-2: more challenging, but we still made it! Mom only had to apologize for loosing her cool once, and that was after the toilet wouldn't stop overflowing :)

Friday we got to go to a halloween party at Sophia, Aubry, Harmony and Joe's house. Everyone was dressed up and looked fantastic!
We had a great time eating cake eyeballs and watching some scooby-do!

Saturday we had to finish carving our pumpkins. My job was to clean out the guts and design the faces... Daddy cut them out!
Grace directed from the sidelines. Finally it was Halloween! Grace and I practiced our "Trick or Treat!!" and how to say "Thank-you Happy halloween!" We did pretty well, as long as Mom actually knocked or rang the bell.
I changed my mind and revisited my awesome dragon outfit from last-year, still fits... Thanks Grandma Steves! After visiting all the neighbors I got to dig into my loot! My first piece... a tootsie pop (Just like James! Hey James, Mine made my tongue BLUE! What color was yours?). What an awesome holiday. It was pretty exciting to have people visit our house all dressed up... though we didn't get very many trick-or-treaters, weird considering there are kids all around the neighborhood... oh well, now our huge stash of candy is up for grabs.

Today we went to the beach!
I have missed it and had been asking Mom and Dad to go for about a week now so... Sunday was the perfect day!
Blue skies, warm (ish), sand, water YAY!!!
I built an awesome sand castle to celebrate Grace's first trip to the shore. Grace has started to hold her head up for a few seconds at a shot... she is very strong! She also has discovered the pacifier and has been cracking a few fleeting smiles... we'll try to catch one soon.
She had a great time walking around with Mommy and checking out the surf.
We busted out the Kite mom brought back from Bodega Bay this summer.
Mom and I drew in the sand... do you like my crab... I did it all by myself!

I love the beach.

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James said...

Blue?! Cool. Mine was orange. I keep asking Mom for another "twisty pop" and for some reason that makes her laugh.

Your trip to the beach looked like a lot of fun! Grace sure is getting growing up!