Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Merry Christmas!

Merry Merry Christmas Everyone! We have spent the past week in Fresno with family and friends and have had a wonderful wonderful visit. We got to spend excellent quality time with Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and Uncle Ry.
On Monday we headed to Tulare to visit with Great-Grandma Mary and my Great-Uncles Steve, Andy and Geary.
It was so special to spend time with everyone in Tulare. Great-Grandma Mary made Gracie Laugh and chat. Those ladies had a great time together, everyone was all smiles!
It was the very first time that Great-Grandma met Grace Mary; it was a special visit. The next day, I hung around with Daddy and my Grandfolks but Mom took Grace to visit with Susan, Becky and Noah for lunch. Grandma let us open a few Christmas gifts early...
Grace got this cute sweater that Grandma knit... she needs to grow into it a bit, but it sure is cute! Later that evening we went by Winnie's house followed by a great dinner at the VanVolkinburgs.
At the Vans I got to play with Brindley, Teddy, Morgan, Andrew and Kale. It was a great evening! Thursday, Mom, Dad and Uncle Ryan got to get a movie (Avatar... which they thought was pretty cool).

Grandpa and I managed to get over to the playground at Cole. We had a nice morning together. I spent most of the rest of my time (this week in fact) was spent on leggos.
In addition to being very good at my duplos at home, Uncle Ryan's set is also no problem.
The day before Christmas I helped Grandma Terri make some really delish chocolate pies. We worked hard during the day to get cooking and spending family time together. Christmas eve was extra special...
its Grace's first christmas,
which means her first Christmas eve with the Mochizukis and at Auntie Donna's house!
We had a fun evening with the Mochizukis, I made myself a Santa beard out of some packing material, and it turned out pretty well.
I also got to help open Bill and Debbie's gift and had a great time goofing off with Bryan and Bethie. Bethie really impressed me with her ballet program, she danced my favorite role, the dewdrop!
After a great time with our neighbors, we went to have dinner with Auntie Donna, Uncle John and Jenna. Grace was cuddled constantly!
Mrs. Mayeda made sure she met everyone!
The Valentino's throw such a renown Christmas Eve Bash that even Santa took a little bit of time from his really busy route to stop in.
It was so cool to see him again.
I put on my santa helper outfit to show him that when I get older I can probably give him a hand too.

We had a wonderful evening filled with delicious food and wonderful company.

We love spending time with them. We headed home a little late and left some cookies for Santa and a pear for the reindeer.
I woke up at around 7:30... to see that Santa had come to leave us presents!
Santa totally listened to me, he brought everything on my Christmas list and more!
Grace got all sorts of wonderful treats,
including these awesome slippers and a cute doll!
What a wonderful first Christmas for baby Grace... I think she had a fun morning... almost as fun as mine :)
We had a great morning topped off with our traditional norwegian pancakes and baked apples... yum yum!
(oh, and more smiles from Grace). Everyone had a fun morning filled with surprises, joy, family and treats.
Afterwards we headed over to Great-Grandma Mary's house again to meet up with the rest of the family!

I had a great time playing with my cousins Kaylee, Clark, Jordan, Brittany, Erin and Mike!
As well, of course as my great aunties and great uncles and Great Grandma!
We ate well, played well, and enjoyed each-others company.
Of course we had more presents.
Erin, Mike, Adrianne and Maryanne gave me this awesome hat...
I wore it the rest of the day.
It's my new awesome pointy hat. As you can see, I have embraced costumes.
And Kaylee has embraced Grace

(as has the rest of the family... of course)!
We had a great Christmas Day and I hope that you all did as well... Christmas always reminds us to think of and be most grateful for the gifts of family and friends that make the holidays special.

Saturday, I got to spend some time in the morning playing with my toys and helping out Dad, Grandma and Grandpa while Mom and Grace ran some errands and met up with a long lost friend Carolyn and a friend we like to see as often as possible Susan. They had a nice morning catching-up a little bit.
They met us at the Zoo to meet up with Kaylee, Clark, Auntie Ann, Uncle Jason, and Great-Auntie Gigi.
We had a fun day all together, I love to spend as much time as possible with my cousins and have missed them since moving north.
This is Clark as a flamingo! Isn't he cute!

They came by the house later and we had a nice afternoon enjoying Tamales, leggos, chicka-boom game and good company. Today was much mellower, I played with Grandma and Grandpa and in the afternoon Mom, Dad, Scooter and I walked over to Cole for some play time. We head home tomorrow... early again!

I wish everyone the very best, and that your holidays were filled with as much warmth and love as ours. Merry Christmas! I"ll get the pictures straightened out soon, the power cord is packed... and I"m loosing juice.