Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sweet time with Relatives

We were super lucky to be visited by my Great Aunties Gigi & Geralyne and Great Uncle Mark this weekend!
To back up a bit, Grace this week discovered the light dancing on the wall next to her changing table. Talk about fascinating!
Grace and I spent some quality time the days that we were home with Mom, including a haircut, cuddles and a few errands.
Friday, my pals Joaquin, Val, Benjamin, Cat and Chris met at Laughing Planet. We had a great dinner and were fairly well behaved all together.
Soon after I woke up on Satuday My Aunties and Uncle arrived! They got to meet Grace for the very first time, everyone was so excited!
We had a great breakfast together before hitting the town.
We headed to the Farmer's market where we got a few tasty treats and got to explore the winter haul. Auntie Gigi, Geralyne and I got some tasty cookies, Uncle Mark got a bunch of beautiful radishes. Great-Auntie Gigi even got me a carrot! So yummy! Mom and I watched a Sesame Street snippit about a Super-Veggie guy and it made an impression on me :) We headed downtown to cruise around Powells and lunch at Deschutes.
I was actually pretty pooped and crashed at the restaurant. The folks thought I was sick, but I woke up perky and ate my whole lunch in short order... well, maybe the imminent arrival of some yummy triple fudge bread pudding and the late lunch had something to do with it.
We headed over to the Zoo via MAX to see the Zoo lights. Met our friends Joaquin and Benjamin again and we had a nice, if not chilly evening admiring all of the lights.
After having a great evening Uncle Mark, Auntie Geralyne and Auntie Gigi and the family headed back home and Grace finally woke up (after napping nearly all day long in the Moby!) and we all enjoyed a good pizza dinner.
This morning we ate the rest of the pastries they brought over yesterday and had a quieter morning playing at home. I got to show off my leggo building skills and Auntie Gigi showed me hers!
She's pretty skilled.
We read some books, played with Grace and just enjoyed the company. For lunch we went out to Wongs for some crab and dim sum. I didn't eat too well, but was pretty good. We said "See you Christmas" to everyone after lunch.
I had a great visit with them, we had such a great time and I can't wait to see them later this month! I hope they can come out again for a visit... maybe on a slightly warmer weekend (Hint;). This afternoon was spent keeping warm at home, reading and more leggos.
I hope you all are keeping warm!

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