Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Santa, I want to be good...

This week, I wrote my letter to Santa (with Mom taking Dictation)...
Dear Santa,

I want to be good. How are you?

For Christmas I would like a frog umbrella, pink socks and a pointy rocket ship.

I want to help you be Santa, live at the North Pole and help you with your art and going down chimneys.

-Owen (I signed my own name)

I am so glad I wrote this all down because when I actually saw Santa, I was so excited, that I talked really really fast. It was quite the Christmas-y week. Mom and I started out by making cookies (its taking us several days to get it all together... still need to ice'em).
First thing Saturday morning, we headed over to School for a pancake breakfast and a visit from Santa! Pancakes were pretty good, but an opportunity to visit with Santa was awesome!
I was so very excited, I could hardly talk to anyone.
Grace and I sat on his lap,
and I gave Santa my note and told him what I wanted for Christmas.
It was so much fun to talk with him,
I think I want to be Santa, or at least a Santa Helper.
Grace also enjoyed visiting with Santa,
but mostly just looked sweet on his lap.
Some of my pals at the YMCA also got to chat with Santa! That afternoon I got a special treat with just Mom. We went to see the Nutcracker!
It was really great, I was very still, quiet and attentive for the whole beautiful show. My favorite was a dance of the dewdrop and flowers, Mom really loved the snowflakes.
We had a great time, then got to play around the Christmas tree across the street until Dad picked us up. Today was also a lot of fun. Mom and Grace went to a huge craft show (Crafty Wonderland!) and had a great time with Cat, Chris, Benjamin, Robyn and Val. Dad and I headed to Jantzen beach mall for Charles' Birthday Party!
I got to hang out with my pals.

It was spider man themed and loads of fun. I rode the carousel
and ate RED cupcakes.
This evening we rode the Holiday Express,
a real locomotive that went along the River.
It was a fun ride with Joaquin, Ray and Val....
and Santa!


Ryan said...

Any full size versions of Santa+Kids? The only large one is the first photo. See you soon.

Rebecca Jackson said...

I love Owen's smile while sitting on Santa's lap. Too precious.