Sunday, December 20, 2009

Something made me honk like a pig

Earlier this week, while mom was putting me down to bed, I was dozing off when my own snore woke me up... I startled, stared at mom in shock and explained that "Something had made me honk like a pig!!!" Then turned over and went back to sleep.

Anyhow, we have had a wonderful start to our holiday. I'll keep this relatively brief, but Grace and I had a bit of an early Christmas... leggos, awesome books, movies, cuddly things;
Gracie was fascinated by her big cozy bear and I got right to business with the leggos and books. I also love my new turtle Pickle Pickle and Grace's awesome pink slippers (that she will have to grow into). Mom is still trying to figure out webkin land but really the turtle is such a cutie.

Anyhow, Grace, Scooter and I took over the back seat of the car and were all extremely well behaved for our long drive to Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom's house. It is so wonderful to visit with them. This morning I made it through most of the Cantata at Church. This afternoon we got to play with my awesome Fresno pals...

Noah, Becky,
KC, Nolan,
Susan and a new friend Troy...
we had a great time, Nolan and I played with leggos and playdough while the little kids and grown-ups played and chatted.
So much fun, everyone is doing so very well... Looking forward to an awesome week!
I got to pick a beautiful orange from Grandpa Tom's tree... awesome, I expect to get through most of his oranges in the near future. Happy Holidays dear friends.

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Anonymous said...

Ben says Tyler "sounds like a pig" when he poops!! I am soooo jealous we are not there, too!!! Miss you guys and love you!

Merry Christmas!
Tyler, Benjamin, Diane, and Jeff