Sunday, January 31, 2010


We have had a lovely weekend, spending time with about everyone we know in
Portland! Friday, Owen rode bikes with Sophia for a while and "made soil" in the garden while Aubry and I got to know each other better.
Owen has been sharing his bath with me, he's a pretty good buddy in the tub, very careful. That evening we met up with Cat, Chris and Benjamin at Owen's favorite... Laughing Planet for a nice evening together. It had been a few weeks at least since we met there; it was great fun! Saturday was relatively mellow, Mom had Yoga in the morning and tried to get some work done in the afternoon so we spent most of our day with Dad. I got to ride in the Bjorn a lot and Owen and Dad cut lots of paper up. Today though we had loads of social time! We started with a lovely breakfast with Robyn, Dan, Alice and Henry!
It was so much fun to see them and to visit with new baby Henry.
Owen and Alice had a great time too, especially after they discovered an old pull-up diaper stash.
A little bit later that afternoon, Linda, Matt and Andy came over to drop off my new Crib! Although Mom and Dad chickened out about putting me in tonight, I have a feeling I"ll have some roomy new digs sometime very soon. This evening to top off a fantastic Sunday, we went over to Val, Ray and Joaquin's house for dinner and to plan a camping trip!
Can't wait! Owen and Joaquin had a great evening and everyone but me enjoyed a yummy salmon dinner and strawberry shortcake dessert. All in all a great weekend, definitely the bright spot in a drizzly week.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can I have another piece of tape?

Just one more... please? I am full blown into crafty mode this week... all about cutting out paper, taping things together, coloring, pipecleaners, googly eyes... the works. Of course with all of the making, Mom and Dad didn't bother taking any pictures, but they sure are familiar with my constant need for tape, and scissors, and more paper! My favorite thing(s) to make now are snowflakes and to put googly eyes on about anything. Saturday, we actually had a kinda pretty day in the midst of our constant rain or drizzle.
We all took a nice walk down to the Gladstone coffee shop and had a nice breakfast together after Mom came home from Yoga. Grace slept most of the way, but I think she had a nice time too. After lunch we headed over to the park for a little play time in the sun. It was maybe kinda of bright. Today, I got a haircut (finally) and the folks decided to channel some of my drive to make things into won-tons. I did really well! Here's my first one,
and you can kinda hear my explanation as to how to properly fold the won-tons. You start out by "stretching it!", ending with the moose horns are key too. We had a mellow week. Mom finally got to meet Henry this afternoon, so she was pretty excited. Grace gets bigger all the time. She is finally starting to pay attention to some books, well only a few of them... her favorite right now is a baby faces book we have. This week she actually spit out her binky to slurp on a baby face... with determination!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is my game face!

Well, its about time... Owen is finally going to officially share his blog with me!
Truth be told, I needed a few months to get my feet under me, find a voice so to speak.
So thanks for towing the line Owen! Anyhow, we have had a nice weekend at home for the most part. Mom and Dad are finally getting my room together... slowly, but at least there is room for my crib, maybe I can get out of that bassinet sometime soon. Saturday, we had plans to meet at Alice, Robyn and Dan's house, only to have to reschedule for the slightly early arrival of Henry, Alice's brand-new baby brother... Welcome to the world Henry! We are so excited to meet you! Val graciously opened her home to us and we partied anyhow!

Our friends Ian and Christina are in town from Canada, so we had a great pizza lunch with them and a few other pals! Mostly I just hung with Mom, Dad and Cat, while the guys got a little wild with Ian! Look, a kid burrito!

Oh wait, and an Ian burrito!

We had a great afternoon, nobody wanted to leave, except we were all exhausted. We had a good quiet day today, did a little baking and running around town, but mostly played at home. We are in the midst of a rainy streak called, well, I guess it's just called living in Portland, but it has been making us more creative about our time inside.

Owen and the folks have been engaged in a lot of awesome games, right now he is totally loving a Dinosaur memory game (Thanks Auntie Di, Uncle Jeff, Ben and Tyler!), a treasure hunting game called Cariboo that we play ... a lot... at least in my opinion, Owen can't seem to get enough (our thanks to Auntie Geralyne and Uncle Mark),, and when he is feeling like its close to book time, they play a brown bear - panda bear game (Woo hoo Auntie Ann!). The folks think its pretty cool that he is finally into games. His current favorite battle cry is Char-Siu-Bao! Which he likes to use to surprise me. We also picked up my cute 3-month old pictures (top)! I'm drooling a fair bit and laughing a lot, I hope you are too (laughing that is :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is FOUR!

Party Party Party Party!

Had a great week celebrating my big 4th birthday! I love a good party, treats, playing... oh yeah, four is going to be awesome.
On my birthday, I got to bring treats in to school... popcorn, pirate booty and oranges, as well as being able to show Grace off to all of my friends and for being credited for a fun afternoon. I wore that big yellow crown that Mommy made me all day long, yep, on the bus, all day at school, and on and off for the rest of the week.
I got a lava cake on our special day plate for dessert... lava AND chocolate I am pretty lucky! I am currently quite the chocoholic... hmmm, wonder where I got that from?
This Saturday, we started out with popovers for breakfast to break-in Mommy's new pan. A little later in the afternoon we celebrated again with an awesome pool party with a bunch of friends.
All sorts of were able to join us... Joaquin, Benjamin, Alice, Andy, Sophia, Charles, Anna, Zoe, Hannah... and their folks!

We decorated our party hats,
ate chocolate cake,
and then went crazy in the pool!
It was a fun afternoon.
among other awesome presents and a great time with my friends, I got this pair of stilts... hopefully we can avoid my third fat lip for the week (the others were sock on smooth floor incidents).

speaking of birthdays... we have been remiss in welcoming my new cousin born on December 10th! Welcome to the big world Colin Mason! I can't wait to meet you!!! Hey Kellen isn;t being a big brother soooo cool!?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

starting things out right

This week is SNOWED on us... it was pretty and pretty awesome! As soon as we got home from school Dad and I got down to business enjoying the snow while it lasted. We built a huge snowman and went sledding.
Grace got to enjoy her first snowfall while looking so cute in her bear jacket. We warmed up with some hot chocolate, and had a proper snow day out of it, good thing too because it was pretty much slush the next day and gone by evening. It was rough getting back into the swing of school, but I'm getting there. Grace also had a hard first day at home with daddy, but the second was much smoother... we hope she will figure out the bottle sooner than later. I said it earlier, but Happy 2010!
We had a great New Years eve party at Joaquin's house with Benjamin, Alice and Kai (and their folks). It was pretty cool... pizza, noise makers, chocolate, play time and of course laps around Val's house. We partied down with the Greenlanders (at around 7pm pst). The rest of the week and weekend were pretty quiet, lots of quality family time, playing at home, doing a bit of shopping, and making cookies in my new apron from Grandma Steves... I look so professional now (and remain somewhat cleaner when helping cook).
Sunday though, the folks were ready for some company so we had Andy, Linda and Matt over for waffles. Andy really liked his, I only nibbled at mine.
We had a nice time, I liked showing Andy all of my toys, and I think he liked the rocking horse and my ride-on truck the best.
Afterwards we headed over to the mall to get some 3 mo pictures of Grace, she was so good for the photographer, lots of smiles and a good mood in spite of the numerous, slightly awkward poses. Three months is a big deal, lots more smiles, happy sounds abound, a binky addiction in full swing, wee little hands starting to grab at clothes, blankets, hair, everything, strongly kicking legs, a desire to stand in your lap, and a fascination with doorknobs, among other adorable traits.

Friday, January 01, 2010

and a Happy New Year

When mom asked me what I wanted to resolve to do in 2010... I said
Play.... play.... then play more. I think that's on Grace's list too.

Have an amazing 2010 everyone!