Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can I have another piece of tape?

Just one more... please? I am full blown into crafty mode this week... all about cutting out paper, taping things together, coloring, pipecleaners, googly eyes... the works. Of course with all of the making, Mom and Dad didn't bother taking any pictures, but they sure are familiar with my constant need for tape, and scissors, and more paper! My favorite thing(s) to make now are snowflakes and to put googly eyes on about anything. Saturday, we actually had a kinda pretty day in the midst of our constant rain or drizzle.
We all took a nice walk down to the Gladstone coffee shop and had a nice breakfast together after Mom came home from Yoga. Grace slept most of the way, but I think she had a nice time too. After lunch we headed over to the park for a little play time in the sun. It was maybe kinda of bright. Today, I got a haircut (finally) and the folks decided to channel some of my drive to make things into won-tons. I did really well! Here's my first one,
and you can kinda hear my explanation as to how to properly fold the won-tons. You start out by "stretching it!", ending with the moose horns are key too. We had a mellow week. Mom finally got to meet Henry this afternoon, so she was pretty excited. Grace gets bigger all the time. She is finally starting to pay attention to some books, well only a few of them... her favorite right now is a baby faces book we have. This week she actually spit out her binky to slurp on a baby face... with determination!

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