Sunday, January 31, 2010


We have had a lovely weekend, spending time with about everyone we know in
Portland! Friday, Owen rode bikes with Sophia for a while and "made soil" in the garden while Aubry and I got to know each other better.
Owen has been sharing his bath with me, he's a pretty good buddy in the tub, very careful. That evening we met up with Cat, Chris and Benjamin at Owen's favorite... Laughing Planet for a nice evening together. It had been a few weeks at least since we met there; it was great fun! Saturday was relatively mellow, Mom had Yoga in the morning and tried to get some work done in the afternoon so we spent most of our day with Dad. I got to ride in the Bjorn a lot and Owen and Dad cut lots of paper up. Today though we had loads of social time! We started with a lovely breakfast with Robyn, Dan, Alice and Henry!
It was so much fun to see them and to visit with new baby Henry.
Owen and Alice had a great time too, especially after they discovered an old pull-up diaper stash.
A little bit later that afternoon, Linda, Matt and Andy came over to drop off my new Crib! Although Mom and Dad chickened out about putting me in tonight, I have a feeling I"ll have some roomy new digs sometime very soon. This evening to top off a fantastic Sunday, we went over to Val, Ray and Joaquin's house for dinner and to plan a camping trip!
Can't wait! Owen and Joaquin had a great evening and everyone but me enjoyed a yummy salmon dinner and strawberry shortcake dessert. All in all a great weekend, definitely the bright spot in a drizzly week.

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