Sunday, January 03, 2010

starting things out right

This week is SNOWED on us... it was pretty and pretty awesome! As soon as we got home from school Dad and I got down to business enjoying the snow while it lasted. We built a huge snowman and went sledding.
Grace got to enjoy her first snowfall while looking so cute in her bear jacket. We warmed up with some hot chocolate, and had a proper snow day out of it, good thing too because it was pretty much slush the next day and gone by evening. It was rough getting back into the swing of school, but I'm getting there. Grace also had a hard first day at home with daddy, but the second was much smoother... we hope she will figure out the bottle sooner than later. I said it earlier, but Happy 2010!
We had a great New Years eve party at Joaquin's house with Benjamin, Alice and Kai (and their folks). It was pretty cool... pizza, noise makers, chocolate, play time and of course laps around Val's house. We partied down with the Greenlanders (at around 7pm pst). The rest of the week and weekend were pretty quiet, lots of quality family time, playing at home, doing a bit of shopping, and making cookies in my new apron from Grandma Steves... I look so professional now (and remain somewhat cleaner when helping cook).
Sunday though, the folks were ready for some company so we had Andy, Linda and Matt over for waffles. Andy really liked his, I only nibbled at mine.
We had a nice time, I liked showing Andy all of my toys, and I think he liked the rocking horse and my ride-on truck the best.
Afterwards we headed over to the mall to get some 3 mo pictures of Grace, she was so good for the photographer, lots of smiles and a good mood in spite of the numerous, slightly awkward poses. Three months is a big deal, lots more smiles, happy sounds abound, a binky addiction in full swing, wee little hands starting to grab at clothes, blankets, hair, everything, strongly kicking legs, a desire to stand in your lap, and a fascination with doorknobs, among other adorable traits.

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