Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is FOUR!

Party Party Party Party!

Had a great week celebrating my big 4th birthday! I love a good party, treats, playing... oh yeah, four is going to be awesome.
On my birthday, I got to bring treats in to school... popcorn, pirate booty and oranges, as well as being able to show Grace off to all of my friends and for being credited for a fun afternoon. I wore that big yellow crown that Mommy made me all day long, yep, on the bus, all day at school, and on and off for the rest of the week.
I got a lava cake on our special day plate for dessert... lava AND chocolate I am pretty lucky! I am currently quite the chocoholic... hmmm, wonder where I got that from?
This Saturday, we started out with popovers for breakfast to break-in Mommy's new pan. A little later in the afternoon we celebrated again with an awesome pool party with a bunch of friends.
All sorts of were able to join us... Joaquin, Benjamin, Alice, Andy, Sophia, Charles, Anna, Zoe, Hannah... and their folks!

We decorated our party hats,
ate chocolate cake,
and then went crazy in the pool!
It was a fun afternoon.
among other awesome presents and a great time with my friends, I got this pair of stilts... hopefully we can avoid my third fat lip for the week (the others were sock on smooth floor incidents).

speaking of birthdays... we have been remiss in welcoming my new cousin born on December 10th! Welcome to the big world Colin Mason! I can't wait to meet you!!! Hey Kellen isn;t being a big brother soooo cool!?

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