Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is my game face!

Well, its about time... Owen is finally going to officially share his blog with me!
Truth be told, I needed a few months to get my feet under me, find a voice so to speak.
So thanks for towing the line Owen! Anyhow, we have had a nice weekend at home for the most part. Mom and Dad are finally getting my room together... slowly, but at least there is room for my crib, maybe I can get out of that bassinet sometime soon. Saturday, we had plans to meet at Alice, Robyn and Dan's house, only to have to reschedule for the slightly early arrival of Henry, Alice's brand-new baby brother... Welcome to the world Henry! We are so excited to meet you! Val graciously opened her home to us and we partied anyhow!

Our friends Ian and Christina are in town from Canada, so we had a great pizza lunch with them and a few other pals! Mostly I just hung with Mom, Dad and Cat, while the guys got a little wild with Ian! Look, a kid burrito!

Oh wait, and an Ian burrito!

We had a great afternoon, nobody wanted to leave, except we were all exhausted. We had a good quiet day today, did a little baking and running around town, but mostly played at home. We are in the midst of a rainy streak called, well, I guess it's just called living in Portland, but it has been making us more creative about our time inside.

Owen and the folks have been engaged in a lot of awesome games, right now he is totally loving a Dinosaur memory game (Thanks Auntie Di, Uncle Jeff, Ben and Tyler!), a treasure hunting game called Cariboo that we play ... a lot... at least in my opinion, Owen can't seem to get enough (our thanks to Auntie Geralyne and Uncle Mark),, and when he is feeling like its close to book time, they play a brown bear - panda bear game (Woo hoo Auntie Ann!). The folks think its pretty cool that he is finally into games. His current favorite battle cry is Char-Siu-Bao! Which he likes to use to surprise me. We also picked up my cute 3-month old pictures (top)! I'm drooling a fair bit and laughing a lot, I hope you are too (laughing that is :)

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