Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bright bright bright sunshiny days!

Before Grandma Terri left us on Monday, we managed to squeeze in some cupcake baking.
We made some yummy chocolate cupcakes and she left us with all sorts of decorations so Mom and I could frost and decorate them. Although I was most excited about the cupcakes, it really was a great start to the year of the Tiger! First off, when I woke up in the morning, I MADE MY BED all by myself and GOT DRESSED also all by myself... including buttons on my shirt! What's more, I did it all IN THE DARK!!!! Mom and Dad were most impressed by the first two milestones, I was excited that I did it all in the dark. I've made my bed most of the rest of this week too, but now usually with some reminding. So that was pretty darned exciting. To top things off, after Grandma Terri left, Grace ROLLED OVER! YAAAYYY Gracie! She is so good at this now, for the next three days, we couldn't put her down without her immediately rolling over. She even can roll back sometimes now.

Grandma Terri must have done some good training with both of us last weekend. Thanks Grandma! The rest of the week we have enjoyed some serious spring-like sunshine. It has been beautiful. We have had some construction going on in the neighborhood putting wheelchair access ramps on the sidewalks... which means a bunch of cool construction equipment outside the window. I watched the construction, Grace watched me (and the trucks sometimes). Later in the week, Mom, Grace and I joined Daddy and the work crew for lunch at the food carts... It was fun to see Henry, Robyn, Val, Vanessa, Tim and Leslie for some great chow, running around and sunshine in the afternoon. We had some Khao Man Gai which translates to great Chicken and rice. Saturday, Daddy went fishing and brought us home two big ol' steelhead! Yay Daddy! We enjoyed some tonight for dinner. We spent the day playing in the backyard and made an excursion to Mojo Crepes for some ice-cream crepes. After insisting on something with Chocolate the whole way there, I ended up choosing and enjoying Green Tea ice cream! Delish. Messy. Plus there is a huge monkey and a ton of teenagers on the wall there, which was pretty awesome. When Daddy came home he brought his friend Bryce who hung out and made me wild with excitement for the evening. I wound down in time to have my favorite, bean and cheese burritos at Laughing Planet with T. Cat and Chris. Today was again, beautiful, and we spent the morning with Alice, Henry and Robyn. We enjoyed a great breakfast of scrambled egg muffins and bagels followed by squid wrestling, Grace cuddling, a great long walk and Popsicles! Talk about a perfect morning. I worked in the yard with Mom all afternoon and ended up falling asleep after watching a cooking show with Dad... it was crazy, they made silk worm poop tea and an ant salad! I couldn't stop laughing. Dinner was Dad's great fish and I am so tired. What an awesome week and weekend, we are so grateful for the sunshine, friends, fun and milestones!


Val said...

Congrats on the fishing success! Looks like a fantastic weekend - let's hang out soon!

James said...

Hooray for Grace and Brian! Sounds like a banner week!