Sunday, February 07, 2010

Going to the snow on the Volcano!!

Such a fun snow day today!
Mom & Dad took Grace and me up to Timberline Lodge to get a little bright white snow time.
I told the woman at Burgerville with much excitement that we were going to the snow on the VOLCANO! (Aka Mt. Hood). We had a great afternoon playing in the Snow, well, mostly me and Daddy, but Mom and Grace enjoyed the lodge and hot cocoa. Dad and I saw snowcats, built snow-people and most impressively a snow dragon! I had a blast! I even got Daddy with a HUGE snowball. After getting thoroughly soaked, I headed inside to warm up a bit and see what the gals were up to. I drank the rest of Mom's hot cocoa and couldn't stop moving or chattering about how great everything was. Grace had a great time playing on the couch making friends with everyone else enjoying the cozy lodge. In other news this week, Grace spent loads of time in her jumper, she thinks she is pretty cool playing in there and gets SOOOO excited then gets sooo sleepy afterwards. It's a lot of work bouncing.

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Anonymous said...

my, Grace, is so wide eyed now and cute you just want to hug her so give her some hugs and kisses for me. GAuntie Geralyne