Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sittin' Pretty!

I have been working so hard at sitting... I almost have it! If someone helps me up, I can set there for a minute or so before getting distracted and toppling over. I like the look of things from here!
Tummy time has also become more fun, I can knock things over and tear up paper now so that's fun. I also have discovered when sitting with Mom or Dad how to toss things on the floor; thank goodness for big brothers who are so exited that I'm doing something fun that he helps me pick up everything!
The folks have had a lot of friends in town again (these meetings keep coming through Portland, they love it... ). They tag-teamed dinners out with pals... Mom had Monday with Dianne, Steve, Gillian, Lori and Charlie. Dad had later in the week with Whitman! Friday we had a wonderful morning visiting with Joaquin, Val and Ray who brought us Bagels. It was so nice of them to come by and bring food and fun, it had been weeks since Owen and Joaquin got to play, and even longer since I got to hang out with Ray who was sweet to me and let me nap on his lap for a bit. Owen and I thought maybe we should get to eat out too... so we convinced the folks and some friends to get to Wongs King for Dim Sum.
What fun to watch. I am sooo ready to try some food sometime soon.
I turned 5 months this week, so I figure I am plenty old enough and reach for things all of the time and am very good at putting things in my mouth, but the folks are planning on holding out just a few more weeks. Anyhow, it was fun to play with Tim, Leslie, Joe, Dan, Robyn, Alice and Henry!
After Dim Sum, we headed home... I was exhausted and totally crashed for hours while Daddy and Owen went to OMSI to play with Benjamin, Cat and Chris.
It was Dad's first time at OMSI and I think he had a good time. Owen was thrilled by the giant giant dinosaur bones (a really good T-Rex skeleton), the rocket ship
and I think he and T had a good time playing chipmunks. Today was fun too! We celebrated Aubry's first Birthday!
There were so many kids there that I had a great time watching all of the kids and Owen had such a great time that he didn't want to leave. He had such a great time that he actually napped after lunch (a rare occurrence) after talking to Grandma Terri on the phone and she suggested that he go to his room and pretend they are reading books together in bed. By the time Mom got off the phone, he was asleep! After his great nap, was my turn, so again I napped while Owen and Mom went out to get some Tart Ice cream with Val, Ray & Joaquin
followed by some fun play time at the park (and a quick shopping jaunt afterwards). We all had a great day enjoying the balmy weather.
Owen made us these shirts for Valentine's day, we finally got a shot of us wearing them at the same time!

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