Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday Buds

Well, we had one more day in Fresno with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Ry. We headed to Tulare to visit Great Grandma Mary.
Great-Grandma and I still got along famously and made each other smile so much!
Owen couldn't stay inside on such a beautiful day so spent much of his visit hoe-ing up Great-Grandma's weeds, relocating her slugs and playing with Uncle Ry
and Remy.

We got a great pic of four generations of Gong gals, played a bit with Uncle Andy and headed to lunch with all of my Great-Uncles and Auntie Jun, Eric and Sarah came over too! I did nap a bit, but everyone else had a really nice time catching up. After we got home, Grandma Terri and Owen made an awesome robot ... Buddy... out of all of her cool boxes and tubes!
He is so cool. Next time we go for a visit, they will make hair and feet... Owen has big plans and is saving all sorts of "hair".
After a wonderful and fun visit (thank you Grandma and Grandpa!), we had to head home. Not a bad trip all in all, though I lost patience the last four hours or so and needed a lot of attention. We had a nice stop in Ashland though, Scooter enjoyed the sunshine and loads of puppy love outside while we had a nice lunch at the Standing Stone Brewery.
Dad is working on some homebrew right now, so any chance to visit a brewery makes his day. We had a pretty quiet week otherwise. Mom was busy getting ready for spring quarter, we otherwise enjoyed some nice sunny days before the rain came back...
all of our bulbs that everyone planted the week I was born were popping up and in bloom! Sure is pretty out!
It was Grandpa Tom's birthday on Thursday so Owen and I wrote him a secret message in invisible ink and sang happy birthday to him! Happy Birthday Grandpa... thanks for a great visit! We Love you! The definite highlight this weekend was our good pal Joaquin's Birthday!
Owen and the big kids had a fantastic time eating a lot of cupcakes,
playing outside and enjoying the party!
There was loads of parachute fun
, slides and silliness.
Joaquin is a big 3 now! We had a wonderful day! Spent the rest of it lounging with Mom on the lawn watching Owen and Daddy put in a Chicken Run. We're going to try to protect some of our veggie garden this year, plus it was just so nice to be outside. Today was quiet, hanging with Daddy and Owen while Mom worked a bit.
Happy Spring everyone! OH... I should mention that to hop on the birthday ban-wagon... I am six-months old now! Woo Hoo! Six-months is very good... I can sit, smile, laugh, squeal, move things back and forth and most noticeable as of late is my need to get to things. I need paper, dinner plates, pokey-things, food, the dog, chickens and other elicit items. I don't know why I get left out...everyone else gets all these things. Makes me crazy (and cranky). I can't wait to get a little bigger, I hear food is in my future :) Happy Spring everyone!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful Springtime

Hope y'all had a good St. Patrick's day!
We had one filled with green, though really my favorite color is pink and I can't say I really figured out St. Patrick's day... but everyone was wearing green! Otherwise, Grace helped Mom fill out our census form, and they had a great week hanging out at home, enjoying their Mommy-daughter days. Many spent enjoying the sunshine or watching scooter... Grace's favorite past-time. This weekend we headed to Fresno to visit Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom, Uncle Ryan and sooo many friends! We both had a fantastic drive down. I was sooo very excited that I woke up and told Mom "Its wakey time, it's time to go to Grandma's house, I know it will take a long time, but it will be so much fun, and there will be juice boxes, I won't even say "it'll take a long time" (my current whine... I use it for everything... except this road trip!)"
I am so lucky Uncle Ry came out to visit too, it has been so much fun to play with him this weekend. Grandma and I started things out well with a yummy batch of butterscotch rice crispy treats. Auntie Diane and Uncle Jeff were in town with Benjamin and new baby Tyler! We went to their house to play for a bit on Saturday and had a great time paddling in their pond.
It sure is nice here, almost like summer in Portland (80s, pretty days).
It was so wonderful to see Dr. and Mrs. Chen, to meet Tyler and to catch-up with Ben, Di and Jeff.
Grace and Tyler spent a lot of time getting to know each other. Dad and I tried really hard to get their fish out of the pond, but no catches. We went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house to relax for a little bit(and taste-test some homegrown snow peas! okay so G isn't really eating just yet, but she sure is interested)
before Auntie Donna and Uncle John came over for dinner.
They came loaded with special gifts for us and a delicious chocolate marshmallow cake.
We had a fun evening all together.Grandma Terri made Grace a new and awesome sweater and I got a cool hat that she knit and felted. They are both so amazing and pretty! Today we headed to church in the morning, and said howdy to all sorts of people. Then we met up with Auntie Diane, Uncle Jeff, Ben, Tyler again and all headed over to the park to play with Auntie Becky, Uncle KC, Noah, Auntie Susan, Nolan, Troy and Trevor! Pshew... we played and played and played all afternoon.
What an awesome way to spend the afternoon,
I had a blast, bubbles, ball, play equipment, friends and fun!
It was a wonderful afternoon all together.
even if a little chaotic.
By the time we headed home, I think everyone was pooped out. We had a quieter evening filled with naps (well, everyone but me who found my megaphone for a bit of the time, but then did have some good quiet time), running in the backyard, playing with Uncle Ry.
After dinner, Grace and I opened our easter baskets a little early from Auntie Donna!
They were too cute to resist! Grace LOVED the crinkly cellophane. We'll be here for another day, but have had a such a fun weekend.
I love visiting Grandma and Grandpa!