Sunday, March 07, 2010

Its a zoo around here!

Its been a good weekend, the sunshine is out again (well until this evening)! We have been doing tons of floor time with Grace who can sit pretty reliably if propped up. She hasn't gotten where she can sit up on her own yet, but once up, she is really sturdy and pretty darned cute! Friday we headed to the zoo with Alice, Henry, Robyn and Julie! It was awesome, we hadn't been in months, so it was particularly nice to get back among the animals. I had a great time with Alice, we saw goats, penguins, polar bears, elk, wolves and elephant---ears (or fried dough LOADED with cinnamon sugar). We had a great time with everyone. This weekend was a perfect mix of mellow time at home and fun with friends. Saturday, Daddy and I planted a bunch of things out front, including the tree that he and Mom got when they got married and some asparagus. We met up with Joaquin, Val, Alice, Henry, Robyn and their Grandma at the park for some awesome play time in the evening. We had a blast on all of the play equipment and Joaquin's new parachute.Afterwards we ate a yummy dinner at Cartopia... which was made perfect with fries to share with all of my friends. Today was another mellow day, we started with church, where I got to distribute jelly beans to the congregation and Grace "chatted" (or hollered like a happy teradactyl) with folks and spent the rest day getting stuff together around the house and yard. Tonight Daddy made us a delish Indian dinner that we shared with Val and Joaquin. Joaquin and I were totally awesome in our capes and played really well all evening, while Grace hung with Val.

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