Sunday, March 14, 2010

just goofy

Had a relatively mellow week playing around at home. The weather took a turn for the damp and cold weather... we even had a few days with hail!
Anyhow, I"ve spent a few days a week at school with Owen to visit the infant room that I will be starting next month and it has been so much fun to see lots of friends my age, I get excited and love playing with everyone. Owen is getting so big, his drawings have really been looking good... he is loving drawing dinosaurs and robots and his letters.
He also has been driving me around in this box/rocket ship. I can now grab my toes and even shove them in my mouth and go to town on them. What a slobbery mess, I love it! Hmm, what else, we got some great dried beans in our veggie basket, both Owen and I are loving them, and they aren't even cooked yet! O. shelled them all and likes to sort them by color, I slobbered on the jar and watch them shake around. My crazy big brother has managed to get himself stuck on my crib and earlier this week cocooned himself in his blankies (this is how mom found him before she went to bed).
Otherwise, lots of playing with Owen's dress-up and goofing around.
Mom thinks this is creepy, I thought it was hilarious! She liked the firefighter better...
Mom and I got a bit of a head cold this weekend, so we have been taking things relatively easy,
though while Mom graded, Dad took me and O. to the park and we played with Sophia and her family when we got home for this afternoon. Those big kids are crazy... spent most of their time picking worms out of the compost.

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Tammi Salas said...

Okay, the clown wig is a keeper!