Sunday, April 25, 2010

A nice week around here, a few special treats and some fun outings, sunshine and enjoying our family time! Cousin Carolyn and Auntie Chow sent us a fun box full o' treats, including this new blankie knit by Auntie Chow. I love it because I can stick my fingers through it and its so cuddly. Owen has been lovin' the baked goods and all of the toys. Thursday, Mom and I got to visit with Val, Ray, Wynn and Esme for a bit. Mom dropped off the quilt for baby Esme and she seemed to curl right into it! She is so sweet cuddly! Ray and I had a great time too,he's loads of fun. Friday Owen, Mom and I met with Alice and Julie at the Zoo for a great day together. What a great day, the weather was nice, the animals were out and about, the big kids had a nice time and so did Alice and I! We drove by a bunch of teenagers on the way in and Owen noticed "Mom, did you know that a lot of grown ups look like big kids?" Mom replied "Sometimes grown-ups feel like big kids" to which Owen asked "so what do they feed them?"... "everything" Saturday, we stayed home with Mom while Dad worked at a kayak show. We had a lovely, though low-key day. Did a bunch of baking and playing. Sunday, some more of the same while Mom did some grading. We did get out and enjoy a beautiful sunny afternoon in park with Joaquin, Esme, Ray and Val! What fun, we did it picnic style, so I got to hang on the blanket with Mom or Dad and Esme and Ray (or Val) while Owen & Joaquin ran about and played in the field, picked up fallen flowers, swung on the swings and played on the play structure. All in all a fun finale to our weekend.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bloomin' & boomin'

Its been beautiful out here... loads of afternoons lounging in the back yard enjoying sunshine, grass, flowers. We have finally rounded up the little chickens into a run that Daddy put together
so that we could enjoy the lawn a bit more and we sure have taken advantage of it! Of course, we let the ladies out a bit still, they just love it so much. Grace has taken to my drum, she's awesome... we're talking about a band in the future. I think we'll rock our new hats from Auntie Donna... they have already gotten a good workout, plus they're good for dancing! Friday night was a bit shaky, I got totally sick all night though was impressed that my "magic vomit" ended up so far from my mouth! In spite of all of the yuck, I remained in cheerful spirits throughout and had a great day the next day (mom and dad were draggin' though). This weekend was so nice with an extra special twist. We had a great morning at Tanner Springs with a photographer who tried to get some nice shots of me and Grace. Mom and Dad are curious to see how things turned out since Grace pretty much refused to smile and I was being totally crazy for the very nice photog... if she got the shots, everyone will be extremely impressed. Other than that it was really cool to hang out there for a little bit... some neat art installations and a very natural setting for a city park. I loved watching leaves and sticks go down the stream! Mom got the message while we were there that Joaquin's sister Esme had been born! Welcome ESME (there is an accent that I can't find off hand at the end Ez-may)! Sunday morning we were lucky enough to meet her just as she was coming home from the hospital. She is so beautiful with pretty eyes and beautiful dark hair! Joaquin is a super sweet big brother, welcoming his sis with a sweet kiss. Of course for this momentous occasion Mom didn't bring the camera but they have a new blog that we'll try to fix the link for. Everyone is doing wonderfully, beautifully, happily. This afternoon, Dad and I headed to the trout pond to see if we could catch some fish. Alas not biting today, but we had fun trying and playing in the nearby playground! After we headed home we enjoyed more outside time.
and leggos. Grace has been doing really well in daycare, but thinks she's such a big girl now watching the older kids pull themselves up. She is now happiest if someone is helping her stand up... for long periods of time. Still not lovin' food, but we keep trying.
My acquired interests gained from school have transitioned from spiderman, to transformers and now "the force" and Jedis... I like trying to move things without touching them!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A quiet week at home.

After a busy Easter, it has been a quiet, rainy week here in Portland. On Saturday Mom and Dad took Owen and I to the farmer's market. Mostly we walked around checking out the early spring produce, but Owen really liked the blue grass band that was playing.

Later in the afternoon the weather was so nice we hung out in the back yard.

Okay, okay, it was only in the low sixties, but the sun was out and the grass was nice and dry.

The other thing I spend a lot of time trying to do is standing. I still need help, but it's so fun to be up on my feet. Dad says Owen didn't walk until he was about a year old. I don't think I want to wait that long. Standing is too much fun.

On Sunday we had a very busy day. Mom and Dad took us shopping after church and we didn't get home until mid-afternoon. We did so much running around at various stores that Owen did something he hasn't done in a long time (but that I do several times a day)....he took a nap! On the couch!

While Owen was snoozing on the couch, I did some more standing just for the fun of it. Now if only I can figure out how to pull myself up.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

In your easter bonnet....

Happy Easter everyone! Its been a fun week, we've tried some new things, hunkered down in the rainy weather, and had some fun easter shenanigans.
So... Grace went to the Dr. this week, she weighs 17.8 lbs and is 27.5" which makes her on the tall side and very healthy!
To celebrate we tried some food for her! Hmm, not a huge fan so far of carrots, rice cereal or bananas. It all came right back out with a pretty unfavorable face... the spoon was pretty exciting though! We'll keep working on it though. Friday I got to hang with Mom and Grace at home... we had a pretty mellow day and a fun treat in the evening... Joaquin and Val came over to dye eggs and for dinner. Joaquin and I had a blast hanging out and playing playing playing and the grown-ups and Grace thought it was nice to chill over a great burrito dinner and tackling the eggs. Saturday we hit the Farmer's market for the first time this year! It was rainy and cold, but they moved things around so there were more vendors and more room for running around. We found Alice and Robyn with the key method of making a spectacle running around on the amphitheater until the folks you want to find... find you!Mom and Grace played inside a bit and Dad and I started to finish our chicken run. Pictures to follow soon, it turned kinda yucky (or yuckier) outside so we spent the rest of the afternoon playing leggos inside, I made a tall tall tall stack on the floor, used up every small duplo we had! Most impressive. Today is Easter! I woke up to hunt for my basket that the bunny hid for me and for grace. Got some awesome shirts, bath bubbles and chocolate treats! We headed for church... during the service I found a half-dozen eggs that the kids didn't find during the hunt yesterday (that we missed... I made up for it!). Afterwards, we headed over to Alice's house for a proper Easter Brunch (with Music from T) nd fully sanctioned easter egg hunt! I was thrilled but careful to only get the eggs that were tricky to find! There was a lot of competition, but I was v. good about making sure everyone got a chance (not that most of them needed any extra help!)! I ended up with all sorts of cool eggs. We had a quiet afternoon, taking a few pictures of grace in her cute outfit that Grandma Steves made for her! It was just perfect for Easter... a bonnet and everything! I hope you all had a beautiful sweet weekend. I will be trying to come down off of my fun and chocolate high to get to sleep... I'm going full blast! In this season of hope and beauty, we have had some sad news. My great-great Uncle Henry passed away this week. He was an enthusiastic and cheerful great-Uncle to Mom; they traveled to China together and he always picked the best pommelos from his tree for her (often at great risk on a teetering ladder or with a flailing large stick).