Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bloomin' & boomin'

Its been beautiful out here... loads of afternoons lounging in the back yard enjoying sunshine, grass, flowers. We have finally rounded up the little chickens into a run that Daddy put together
so that we could enjoy the lawn a bit more and we sure have taken advantage of it! Of course, we let the ladies out a bit still, they just love it so much. Grace has taken to my drum, she's awesome... we're talking about a band in the future. I think we'll rock our new hats from Auntie Donna... they have already gotten a good workout, plus they're good for dancing! Friday night was a bit shaky, I got totally sick all night though was impressed that my "magic vomit" ended up so far from my mouth! In spite of all of the yuck, I remained in cheerful spirits throughout and had a great day the next day (mom and dad were draggin' though). This weekend was so nice with an extra special twist. We had a great morning at Tanner Springs with a photographer who tried to get some nice shots of me and Grace. Mom and Dad are curious to see how things turned out since Grace pretty much refused to smile and I was being totally crazy for the very nice photog... if she got the shots, everyone will be extremely impressed. Other than that it was really cool to hang out there for a little bit... some neat art installations and a very natural setting for a city park. I loved watching leaves and sticks go down the stream! Mom got the message while we were there that Joaquin's sister Esme had been born! Welcome ESME (there is an accent that I can't find off hand at the end Ez-may)! Sunday morning we were lucky enough to meet her just as she was coming home from the hospital. She is so beautiful with pretty eyes and beautiful dark hair! Joaquin is a super sweet big brother, welcoming his sis with a sweet kiss. Of course for this momentous occasion Mom didn't bring the camera but they have a new blog that we'll try to fix the link for. Everyone is doing wonderfully, beautifully, happily. This afternoon, Dad and I headed to the trout pond to see if we could catch some fish. Alas not biting today, but we had fun trying and playing in the nearby playground! After we headed home we enjoyed more outside time.
and leggos. Grace has been doing really well in daycare, but thinks she's such a big girl now watching the older kids pull themselves up. She is now happiest if someone is helping her stand up... for long periods of time. Still not lovin' food, but we keep trying.
My acquired interests gained from school have transitioned from spiderman, to transformers and now "the force" and Jedis... I like trying to move things without touching them!

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