Sunday, April 25, 2010

A nice week around here, a few special treats and some fun outings, sunshine and enjoying our family time! Cousin Carolyn and Auntie Chow sent us a fun box full o' treats, including this new blankie knit by Auntie Chow. I love it because I can stick my fingers through it and its so cuddly. Owen has been lovin' the baked goods and all of the toys. Thursday, Mom and I got to visit with Val, Ray, Wynn and Esme for a bit. Mom dropped off the quilt for baby Esme and she seemed to curl right into it! She is so sweet cuddly! Ray and I had a great time too,he's loads of fun. Friday Owen, Mom and I met with Alice and Julie at the Zoo for a great day together. What a great day, the weather was nice, the animals were out and about, the big kids had a nice time and so did Alice and I! We drove by a bunch of teenagers on the way in and Owen noticed "Mom, did you know that a lot of grown ups look like big kids?" Mom replied "Sometimes grown-ups feel like big kids" to which Owen asked "so what do they feed them?"... "everything" Saturday, we stayed home with Mom while Dad worked at a kayak show. We had a lovely, though low-key day. Did a bunch of baking and playing. Sunday, some more of the same while Mom did some grading. We did get out and enjoy a beautiful sunny afternoon in park with Joaquin, Esme, Ray and Val! What fun, we did it picnic style, so I got to hang on the blanket with Mom or Dad and Esme and Ray (or Val) while Owen & Joaquin ran about and played in the field, picked up fallen flowers, swung on the swings and played on the play structure. All in all a fun finale to our weekend.

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