Sunday, May 30, 2010

Having summertime fun!

Okay, so its still cool and rainy here, but we're not letting that stop us any more! Had a great weekend so far... its Memorial Day so we are kicking off summer with loads of friends.
Friday, we joined Joaquin, Val, Ray, Esme and Li Fong for an awesome pancake breakfast at Sloppy cakes... you get to make pancakes right at the table!
It was great... super tasty! Val made all sorts of awesome shapes; letters to our names, dragons, Li Fong made a cool fish (that I am still talking about).
Had a nice afternoon too, I made a little house for Grace, and we had fun playing in it for a lot of the afternoon.
Saturday was mellow, we were getting ready for our bbq on Sunday.
We did get out for a little bit and met Joaquin and family again for some ice cream and a run in the park... and boy oh boy did I run! Today we had a BBQ to celebrate summer and Memorial day.
It was great! I was so excited and spent the morning enjoying the backyard because "it looks like a party!". The folks were anxiously watching the sky, but we only had a few light sprinkles. It was a lot of good friends... a ton of kids and some awesome big-kids who we just couldn't get enough of. Dad made some delish ribs (though I was so excited I couldn't eat much until everyone left... witness the aftermath).
Everybody brought fantastic dishes to share.
What a perfect start to the summer,
now only if the warm weather and sunshine would be as excited for summer as we are. Grace is now an eager eater... noodles in particular are fascinating... she can spend a lot of time trying to pick them up and getting them stuck on her fingers.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

miles and miles of milestones

Wowzers, its been a week of leaps and bounds.
To start with, on Monday I popped out my first tooth, with the second to follow on Tues... No pictures (No way I say) but they are my two bottom middle teeth. They seemed to come through okay, no big fuss, until they were in. Mom and Dad think more are on the way... silly folks, of course they are! Why else do you think I have been sleeping only in their bed and no longer like sleeping much in my crib. I also have been moving and shaking quite a bit. Dad and Owen saw me crawl pretty well across the living room and back, but as long as Mom is around a repeat performance is not happening yet.
. I'm pretty pleased how much I am growing and like to show it off by a sudden inability to sit still unless I am very tired. Owen also moved up to a booster seat in the car (Can't believe we don't have a picture, I'll get on Mom and Dad to take one soon). He is very happy about his big boy seat. Hmm, what else, isn't that enough really for one week? Owen also got his leggos out, played for a while, picked them all up (there are many) and put them all the way away this week... without being asked at all. How's that for growing up? In other news, though with inadequate pictures, we have had a great week, to spite the cold and rain that has re-descended on us. Thursday Mom and I had a nice afternoon tea with Val and Esme. It was fun for all us gals to catch up, nosh and chat. We also restarted our CSA this week, so that was exciting, hopefully I'll get some more food to try (man do I love to eat now... though veggies still take some getting used to). Friday, Joaquin, Esme, and Val came over for a play date that Owen and J. got to participate in, and they had a blast making pillow forts (and mountains), playing a little dress-up and eating (and enjoying!) quiche. That afternoon Owen did lots of art, including punching holes with a star and a circle hole punch. He and Mom talked about stars and comets. Owen knew that comets were made of ice and rocks... he also knew that they tasted like all desserts! He even had a pretty detailed recipe for comets, so he and Mom made some! Ice cream covered with mochi, sprinkles, chocolate pieces, the only thing that was missing from the recipe was chocolate cake. They enjoyed them thoroughly after a great dinner at laughing planet with Cat, Chris and Benjamin. Owen also buckled up my doll into my car seat, then loaded the car seat onto his truck. Brilliant. Saturday, I played with Daddy in the afternoon while Owen and Mom went to Circus Artemis, they had a great time, and got to go with Alice, Robyn, Benjamin, Cat and Chris. Loads of acrobats, Owen told me all about the stilt walkers and the big puddle (flying through the air by your toes with someone hanging from your fingertips seemed not to impress him, the puddles though... those were crazy).

Today, we officially joined a church in Portland. St. Marks seems like it will be a nice community. Otherwise, we just ran some errands and played at home with Daddy while Mom did some work this afternoon. Hope the sun comes out again soon! When I was six and a half months... we got our pictures taken by Shayne Berry... she got a few great shots to spite a rather tough morning for both me and Owen.
You know, most of the time I am very smiley, but every kid is allowed to have a day where she doesn't feel like smiling much... right?
Anyhow, Shayne got some good shots! Thanks!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

T's birthday and rollin' along

We've had a nice week. Grace and I opened up our savings accounts at the bank. I have been saving change my whole life and my piggy and ducky bank were full to busting!
I hauled a big bag of change down to deposit, and Grace happily watched. It was pretty cool, I'm excited to watch it grow. Now I can start filling up my banks at home again! The weather has been showing some serious promise with sunshiny days and pleasant evenings... Mom keeps making us go on walks, which I am agreeable to as long as there may be a snack at the end!we have started enjoying the deck for the dinners again. I love eating outside. Saturday was Benjamin's birthday! He is THREE now and we all had a great time!
There were loads of friends to play with, lots of running around, painting (this is evidence of a rainbow that is underneath my painting... it got covered over with a more abstract design).
Of course some delicious cake. We watched T. blow out his candles and waited patiently, if not a little closely for a huge piece.
We all dug in.
Happy Birthday T-bug! Spent the afternoon enjoying the yard, doing some planting, some work... Grace got a treat... a bunch of super duper cute clothes from Great-Auntie Gigi... Thank you Auntie! We love them. Today we went on an adventure to Uwajamaya, which Mom always loves. I would have liked it more if we had eaten ahead of time, and Mom would browse faster.
Grace and I played Legos this afternoon... she really likes trying to build... and eat them.
Grace has finally embraced food... and how! As long as there is either oatmeal or fruit involved she is game. Blueberries are the best... though bananas, mangos, and really hard bread crusts (just like me when I was little) are also on her "like" list. I have been "doing art" lots. Now in addition to constantly needing "just one more piece of tape" I need "just one more piece of paper" always politely asked for with a most earnest expression. Its worth it... my drawing is getting really good. This is Mom (who I like to draw with a belly button always) with a flower and a rainbow...
in the sky is the sun and rain (which you need for a rainbow dontcha know) and Dad in a tiny airplane in the corner.
Or rocket ships going to saturn (you can tell because all of the planets have rings on them).
Or Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom at the beach...
Dad and I made Sushi rolls this evening. I was pretty good, and complimented Dad on how nicely his turned out. Mental note: Wet hands then pat down sushi rice... NOT the other way around. It was so much fun that I want to do it again this summer, I am sure we will.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

The weather this weekend was beautiful!

I am learning to clap, and finally ate something without looking like I was being tortured... mushed blueberries! Yum! okay, maybe thats an overstatement, but it didn't all come back out. Peas are still a big no-thank you though. Thursday Mom and I had a fun girls day afternoon with Esme and Val at a great new sandwich shop... the Cheese Bar. Looked so good, but I can't say that I found cheese too tasty, Mom did though and got some yummy tasters to bring home. On Saturday Dad, Owen and I walked down to Woodstock and met up with Mom after her yoga class. We bought some plants at a plant sale and then had lunch at Otto's Sausage Shop.

Later that day we all went to our buddy Andy's second birthday party. Happy birthday Andy! Because of the nice weather the birthday party was an outside event with a bunch of grilled food I can't eat yet. It didn't matter, I loved sitting on a blanket under a huge lilac tree.

Today was my first Mother's Day. I'm happy I have such a wonderful mommy! After Owen helped Dad make some blueberry pancakes for Mom for breakfast we all hopped into the car for a mystery road trip. Dad had a day planned for Mom but wouldn't tell her what it was. When we almost got there Mom finally guessed that we were going to spend the day in McMinnville, a town in Oregon's wine country.

First stop was the Red Fox Bakery for a late morning snack. Owen got a big heart cookie while Mom and Dad split a lemon tart. They looked pretty good to me.

Later we walked around main street and checked out some shops. Owen even stopped to hang out on a park bench with Ben Franklin.

When we got to the end of the street we found a big city park with a huge play structure. Owen was super excited and loved exploring all the secret passages and things to climb on.

I hung out with Dad under a large tree.

We finished the day at a Thai restaurant and then went home. Owen and I slept the whole way back we were so tired.