Sunday, May 02, 2010

food fight

Well, not really, it just looks like that every time we try to get Grace to eat at night. We've had a fun, but quiet week. I finished up swim lessons and had a great go of things... My front glide has improved, but my back float is still more of a back-sink... I am doing everything they want me to (chin-up, belly-up, airplane arms), but I still go down. However I am doing very nicely in class, listening very well (well, much better at least...note in the above shot, I am not exactly with the rest of the class). Impressing my sister when she comes to watch. She is so ready to go in the pool! Yesterday, we had a nice day, met Joaquin, Esme and family at the farmer's market and had a lovely time (alas no pics), which included watching some may day dancers, Popsicles (in spite of the cool weather) and a trip to the secret playground! We had a great time, I was so ready to have some good play time with Joaquin, and had been talking about it for days! When we got home, I got another favorite pal to come over to play for the afternoon... ANDY! Although he periodically realized his folks had gone, and got sad for a few minutes, he had a good time in the back yard and playing trucks! Otherwise, I have been really excited to do some art and my drawings have gotten quite good! I drew a great picture of Mom and the rest of the family, as well as a rainbow, sunshine, rain, flower and a ballerina. I'll have Mom take some pictures of my pictures for y'all. I also have been photographing my collections (of seeds, of rocks...). Today we spent the afternoon in doing chores in the Yard. Mom and I planted out some beans, chives and carrots and Daddy trellised his hops. Our starters are popping up, so cute! Dad, Ray and Don went to upright brewing to taste some beers and Mom managed to get some grading done, productive all around.

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