Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

The weather this weekend was beautiful!

I am learning to clap, and finally ate something without looking like I was being tortured... mushed blueberries! Yum! okay, maybe thats an overstatement, but it didn't all come back out. Peas are still a big no-thank you though. Thursday Mom and I had a fun girls day afternoon with Esme and Val at a great new sandwich shop... the Cheese Bar. Looked so good, but I can't say that I found cheese too tasty, Mom did though and got some yummy tasters to bring home. On Saturday Dad, Owen and I walked down to Woodstock and met up with Mom after her yoga class. We bought some plants at a plant sale and then had lunch at Otto's Sausage Shop.

Later that day we all went to our buddy Andy's second birthday party. Happy birthday Andy! Because of the nice weather the birthday party was an outside event with a bunch of grilled food I can't eat yet. It didn't matter, I loved sitting on a blanket under a huge lilac tree.

Today was my first Mother's Day. I'm happy I have such a wonderful mommy! After Owen helped Dad make some blueberry pancakes for Mom for breakfast we all hopped into the car for a mystery road trip. Dad had a day planned for Mom but wouldn't tell her what it was. When we almost got there Mom finally guessed that we were going to spend the day in McMinnville, a town in Oregon's wine country.

First stop was the Red Fox Bakery for a late morning snack. Owen got a big heart cookie while Mom and Dad split a lemon tart. They looked pretty good to me.

Later we walked around main street and checked out some shops. Owen even stopped to hang out on a park bench with Ben Franklin.

When we got to the end of the street we found a big city park with a huge play structure. Owen was super excited and loved exploring all the secret passages and things to climb on.

I hung out with Dad under a large tree.

We finished the day at a Thai restaurant and then went home. Owen and I slept the whole way back we were so tired.

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Betty Smith said...

Mother's day to a beautiful mother. I am proud of you.