Sunday, May 30, 2010

Having summertime fun!

Okay, so its still cool and rainy here, but we're not letting that stop us any more! Had a great weekend so far... its Memorial Day so we are kicking off summer with loads of friends.
Friday, we joined Joaquin, Val, Ray, Esme and Li Fong for an awesome pancake breakfast at Sloppy cakes... you get to make pancakes right at the table!
It was great... super tasty! Val made all sorts of awesome shapes; letters to our names, dragons, Li Fong made a cool fish (that I am still talking about).
Had a nice afternoon too, I made a little house for Grace, and we had fun playing in it for a lot of the afternoon.
Saturday was mellow, we were getting ready for our bbq on Sunday.
We did get out for a little bit and met Joaquin and family again for some ice cream and a run in the park... and boy oh boy did I run! Today we had a BBQ to celebrate summer and Memorial day.
It was great! I was so excited and spent the morning enjoying the backyard because "it looks like a party!". The folks were anxiously watching the sky, but we only had a few light sprinkles. It was a lot of good friends... a ton of kids and some awesome big-kids who we just couldn't get enough of. Dad made some delish ribs (though I was so excited I couldn't eat much until everyone left... witness the aftermath).
Everybody brought fantastic dishes to share.
What a perfect start to the summer,
now only if the warm weather and sunshine would be as excited for summer as we are. Grace is now an eager eater... noodles in particular are fascinating... she can spend a lot of time trying to pick them up and getting them stuck on her fingers.

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Val said...

Thanks for the great party! Nice noodle eating Grace!