Sunday, May 23, 2010

miles and miles of milestones

Wowzers, its been a week of leaps and bounds.
To start with, on Monday I popped out my first tooth, with the second to follow on Tues... No pictures (No way I say) but they are my two bottom middle teeth. They seemed to come through okay, no big fuss, until they were in. Mom and Dad think more are on the way... silly folks, of course they are! Why else do you think I have been sleeping only in their bed and no longer like sleeping much in my crib. I also have been moving and shaking quite a bit. Dad and Owen saw me crawl pretty well across the living room and back, but as long as Mom is around a repeat performance is not happening yet.
. I'm pretty pleased how much I am growing and like to show it off by a sudden inability to sit still unless I am very tired. Owen also moved up to a booster seat in the car (Can't believe we don't have a picture, I'll get on Mom and Dad to take one soon). He is very happy about his big boy seat. Hmm, what else, isn't that enough really for one week? Owen also got his leggos out, played for a while, picked them all up (there are many) and put them all the way away this week... without being asked at all. How's that for growing up? In other news, though with inadequate pictures, we have had a great week, to spite the cold and rain that has re-descended on us. Thursday Mom and I had a nice afternoon tea with Val and Esme. It was fun for all us gals to catch up, nosh and chat. We also restarted our CSA this week, so that was exciting, hopefully I'll get some more food to try (man do I love to eat now... though veggies still take some getting used to). Friday, Joaquin, Esme, and Val came over for a play date that Owen and J. got to participate in, and they had a blast making pillow forts (and mountains), playing a little dress-up and eating (and enjoying!) quiche. That afternoon Owen did lots of art, including punching holes with a star and a circle hole punch. He and Mom talked about stars and comets. Owen knew that comets were made of ice and rocks... he also knew that they tasted like all desserts! He even had a pretty detailed recipe for comets, so he and Mom made some! Ice cream covered with mochi, sprinkles, chocolate pieces, the only thing that was missing from the recipe was chocolate cake. They enjoyed them thoroughly after a great dinner at laughing planet with Cat, Chris and Benjamin. Owen also buckled up my doll into my car seat, then loaded the car seat onto his truck. Brilliant. Saturday, I played with Daddy in the afternoon while Owen and Mom went to Circus Artemis, they had a great time, and got to go with Alice, Robyn, Benjamin, Cat and Chris. Loads of acrobats, Owen told me all about the stilt walkers and the big puddle (flying through the air by your toes with someone hanging from your fingertips seemed not to impress him, the puddles though... those were crazy).

Today, we officially joined a church in Portland. St. Marks seems like it will be a nice community. Otherwise, we just ran some errands and played at home with Daddy while Mom did some work this afternoon. Hope the sun comes out again soon! When I was six and a half months... we got our pictures taken by Shayne Berry... she got a few great shots to spite a rather tough morning for both me and Owen.
You know, most of the time I am very smiley, but every kid is allowed to have a day where she doesn't feel like smiling much... right?
Anyhow, Shayne got some good shots! Thanks!

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