Sunday, May 16, 2010

T's birthday and rollin' along

We've had a nice week. Grace and I opened up our savings accounts at the bank. I have been saving change my whole life and my piggy and ducky bank were full to busting!
I hauled a big bag of change down to deposit, and Grace happily watched. It was pretty cool, I'm excited to watch it grow. Now I can start filling up my banks at home again! The weather has been showing some serious promise with sunshiny days and pleasant evenings... Mom keeps making us go on walks, which I am agreeable to as long as there may be a snack at the end!we have started enjoying the deck for the dinners again. I love eating outside. Saturday was Benjamin's birthday! He is THREE now and we all had a great time!
There were loads of friends to play with, lots of running around, painting (this is evidence of a rainbow that is underneath my painting... it got covered over with a more abstract design).
Of course some delicious cake. We watched T. blow out his candles and waited patiently, if not a little closely for a huge piece.
We all dug in.
Happy Birthday T-bug! Spent the afternoon enjoying the yard, doing some planting, some work... Grace got a treat... a bunch of super duper cute clothes from Great-Auntie Gigi... Thank you Auntie! We love them. Today we went on an adventure to Uwajamaya, which Mom always loves. I would have liked it more if we had eaten ahead of time, and Mom would browse faster.
Grace and I played Legos this afternoon... she really likes trying to build... and eat them.
Grace has finally embraced food... and how! As long as there is either oatmeal or fruit involved she is game. Blueberries are the best... though bananas, mangos, and really hard bread crusts (just like me when I was little) are also on her "like" list. I have been "doing art" lots. Now in addition to constantly needing "just one more piece of tape" I need "just one more piece of paper" always politely asked for with a most earnest expression. Its worth it... my drawing is getting really good. This is Mom (who I like to draw with a belly button always) with a flower and a rainbow...
in the sky is the sun and rain (which you need for a rainbow dontcha know) and Dad in a tiny airplane in the corner.
Or rocket ships going to saturn (you can tell because all of the planets have rings on them).
Or Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom at the beach...
Dad and I made Sushi rolls this evening. I was pretty good, and complimented Dad on how nicely his turned out. Mental note: Wet hands then pat down sushi rice... NOT the other way around. It was so much fun that I want to do it again this summer, I am sure we will.

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Val said...

I love the artwork Owen!