Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad rocks!

Happy Father's Day! Its the first one I get to celebrate with Daddy and it has been lovely. What a great Dad to take such good care of us; he gets up in the night with me to change my diaper and hang out in the rocking chair (quality father-daughter time), he introduced me to Leggos, he gets me and Owen ready for school in the mornings, he makes me laugh, loves us all so much...he is all around wonderful... thank you Daddy!
To start out this week, we bought a new (to us) car! An awesome 2007 prius. Love it! Its red, Val appropriately calls it our Strawberry car! It was a tough few days looking around, but in the end I think the folks are pretty happy.
Later on, our friends Matt, Cascade and Caden came out for a short visit. It was such a great surprise to see them!
Caden and Owen got along so well, as always.
We had a lovely afternoon and morning with them and are always pleased for them to stop by.
We decided Dad could use a little fishing time, which has been sparse since I've been born. Daddy went fishing for most of the weekend, which gave Owen and me some good play time with Mom.
We finished up the strawberries, had a great weekend... we all survived without Dad for mom's first overnighter with both of us. She did okay, the first night I had some serious gas that tested her ability to stay up between 12-2, but otherwise, not bad. Saturday we started out with an awesome play-date and lunch with Val, Esme, Joaquin and Li Fong at their house.
It was fun to crawl around on their floor with Esme and watch Joaquin and Owen have a blast in the sand-box. Li Fong made Owen a super cool flashy seastar bracelet that won him a lot of compliments at the craft fair that we went to afterwards. After fun play time all morning, looking at the art/crafts of other folks, a quick trip to the art supply store to follow up on some inspiration, a visit to a coffee shop for refreshments... we finally made it home, in one piece ate a burgerville dinner and crashed. Pshew! Mom's idea of taking care of both of us is to keep us as occupied as possible. Dad came home this afternoon and after giving him his cool new beer glass and poster, and showing him the cool cards Grace and I made for him, we worked outside on the steps and on putting his camping and fishing gear away. He made a wonderful fish dinner (Mom tried to take him out... too busy) with some great fish he caught... what a way to provide for the family... food!
We are lucky to have so many wonderful Dads in our lives, Happy fathers day to Daddy, Grandpa Tom, Grandpa Steves, Great-Grandpa Em (who we get to see in a week!) and all of the other awesome fathers out there!

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Tammi said...

Love this post. I'm totally showing Steve what Brian & Owen are doing on the steps and ask him to replicate in our sitting area in the garden! It looks great. Would love to see finished picture.

Happy Father's Day Brian. You are an incredible dad.