Sunday, June 06, 2010

there those teeth are! (or rain rain go away)

Finally, a picture of my first two teeth.... so sweet aren't they!?

Owen had a pretty exciting week, but I got to enjoy everything too! Well, maybe not the donut...
Anyhow, Owen has perfected his backfloat (actually floats!) and his front glide as well as an overall enthusiasm for being in the water and has graduated Penguin and has moved up to Otter!
Yay Owen! Friday, was National Donut Day, so O and Mom went out to Acme for a treat...
mmm dark chocolate glazed and a big glass o' milk sure looked tasty. Hope everyone celebrated this auspicious holiday! Saturday, the sun FINALLY peeked out for the day, it was so beautiful and wonderful to be able to spend time outside, it has been rainy rainy rainy.
We started with a quick trip to the farmer's market, where the peony are in and the strawberries are trying to make a stand in this damp weather.
It was fun to watch Owen and Benjamin run around for a bit before we headed to the park to celebrate Owen's friend Anna's birthday!
She turned 5
and we had a great time playing on the play structure, with the balls and hulla hoops, and just running around with my friends from school... Anna, Richard and Eliseio. There were, of course, cupcakes and lots of fun to be had.
I got to play on the blanket a lot and love pulling up grass and digging my fingers into the dirt. Today was quieter, and stormy again, so we stayed home with Mom while Dad braved the rain for a Kayak demo day with REI. We did loads of art, including some leaf rubbings and book making, ran a few errands.
Our praying mantis egg case finally hatched so we let them populate our yard (between downpours) to help take care of some of our bug. The big-guys are about to enjoy a yummy leek and morel omlet from our Abundant Harvest CSA haul and the market.... we'll make it taste like spring even if the weather won't cooperate (I'll get some oatmeal and a mash of green fruits and veggies... Green is my favorite, orange or yellow, unless its mango... not so much)

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