Sunday, June 27, 2010

We promise...

We have had the most special weekend! We feel so honored that this weekend we were visited by Great-Grandma Mary, Great-Grandpa Em, Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom, Uncle Ry and Auntie Becky who all came into town to help us celebrate Grace's baptism.
It was the BEST... kind of a blurr of fun family time.
It was wonderful, Grace and I charmed everyone, we were spoiled silly withgifts (like G.'s new duds? the pink driving mocs are off the hook!), trips for treats for bike rides or to the toy store or park for play time, attention galore,
arms to sleep in,
hugs all around and loads of playtime.
I got my hooks into Uncle Ry the moment he walked in the door...
I may have worn him out a bit, but he was awesome playing with me nearly constantly. I got everyone at some point to go Bug hunting with me and my new bug hunter kit
(complete with a quadrat and a scope to count and examine the bugs).

The baptism itself went well, if not a little loudly as Grace thought it might be interfering with her nap time and wanted to make sure everyone knew about it. Mom and Dad were joined by Uncle Ry and Auntie Becky who all promised to look out for her, along with our family and the whole congregation.
That same group stood up for me a while ago now, we are lucky to have such caring and watchful hearts on our side.

This past Monday, of course, Grace managed to face-plant on the carpet at school while crawling...
resulting in a classy rug-burn on her nose. It luckily largely healed by the weekend though gives her nose a rosy hue in case you noticed, though I think it gets lost in all of the smiles!

Today after church we had a nice, quick brunch before most folks had to take off.

Mom and I had enough time to take Auntie Becky and Great-Grandpa
to the Portland Rose garden which was beautiful!
I saved a lady bug from the fountain and gave her a new home on a rose with a kiss ... that's what super-heroes like Super O! do (cute shirt from/by Auntie).
We still have Great-Grandpa in town and had a nice dinner with him tonight
and will say goodbye tomorrow as he continues his great West coast tour!

Thank you thank you thank you everyone for making this weekend so much fun,
so full of love and so very special for us!

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