Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

To celebrate the birthday of America, we have had a pretty busy and awesome weekend! First off, its berry-time! Friday we went to Smith Berry Barn with the Brenneis-Lee clan and their friend Hannah. Not bad, maybe a little over 11 pounds of raspberries just for me and Mom (the lady didn't count the smushy ones Owen collected)!
Yum! This was great picking, lots of raspberries AND a cute shop and great lunch. Mom wore me in the ergo (which she now loves) so I only occasionally got to grab a branch or two... but Ray let me loose on his wallet over lunch, now that's some cool stuff to play with.

The folks and Owen have been talking about the beach a lot lately
(as in - we really need to get out to the beach!), and they finally followed through!
We headed out to Pacific City and it was soooo wonderful. It was a warm, not hot day... sunshine and minimal wind.
Owen and Daddy headed up a HUGE sand-dune and ran down it
(O. biffed once, but just got right back up and kept running)... twice! There was also some okay tidepooling.
Owen caught a crab
and found it a good home. The water wasn't super cold so Owen made his way in for a while.
He is fearless!
I even got to dip my toes into the Pacific for the first time...
it was so neat.
There was kite flying, sandcastle making,
hole digging and all sorts of beach fun.
I had a blast playing in the sand!
It got in my toes,
in my hands and OOPS!
In my mouth while Mom was too busy taking pictures to stop me in time (I can switch from clumsy to really fast in an instant).
I've also learned to wave,
it's reportedly very cute, sort of a mix between "Ta-Da" and "hello!"
and can be with one or two hands.
Applause is also on its way, as well as a very clear... "get this (highchair, carseat etc..) buckle off of me!"(banging on the buckle with hands) and "Pick me up!!" (hands in air bouncing maybe distressed sounds). Communication is pretty cool.
We finished up our fun beach day with a great "picnic dinner" at home on the deck... while the big guys enjoyed a wonderfully fresh and delish salad (with raspberries of course) cheese and bread, I got to nosh on my favorite thing ... a big ol' heel of the bread. Yum.

Today has been great! Church was followed by a nice potluck which allowed everyone to get together for a nice lunch. Owen and Max got to hang-out for a bit and I got to play with the adults. Had a nice afternoon at home, baking a bit with Mom and working in the yard with the boys. We headed over for a wonderful Hot-dog party (a la The Pigeon) at Alice, Henry, Robyn and Dan's house.
It was perfect!
There were loads of babies there for me and big kids for Owen to play with...
Fireworks by Dan...
fun balls and milk carton blocks,
great food... all in all just the right sort of fun with good friends for the fourth.... you know, the kind that say "uh, I don't think so" when Owen suggests they light all of the fireworks off at once all over the place.... the wise friends :)
I also went in for my 9 mo check-up... I'm now 28.5" tall 20 lbs and 18.25" head circumference (above average length and weight and like my brother... a v. large head).
Healthy all in all, just some evidence of a slight ear infection on its way to recovery (explains some rough nights recently).

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James said...

What a fun beach trip! Just wish our beaches were closer together...