Sunday, July 11, 2010

More berries!

I didn't think it was possible, but we went and picked more berries on Monday with Val, Li Fong, and Joaquin. Dad even joined us this time and with his help we picked a lot of black berries.

I got a little messy with the quality control.

Here is the days bounty. The buckets in the front are our 30 lbs, the rest are Joaquin's. We took them home and Mom made lots of jam, Dad froze a bunch and made a cobbler and I helped Mom make ice cream with them later in the week.

Gracie and Dad have had a cold all week, but that didn't stop us from playing. Here is Grace in the fort I made for her. Isn't it cool, complete with toys and an ottoman she can pull up on to.

On Saturday, we met up with Ray, Li Fong and Joaquin at the farmer's market. The market was nice and we even shared a pint of strawberries while we were there, but the real reason we met there was that we were going to take the street car down town to watch Toy Story 3 together after the market.

Today Mom and Dad took us to the pool. They said I needed some practice before we go swimming on vacation in a couple weeks. I don't know about all this practice stuff, I just wanted to have fun. This was also Grace's first trip to the pool ever. I think she handled it pretty well.

Doesn't she look pretty happy?

I tried to show her how to go under water, but she didn't seem to understand. Someday she'll figure it out.

Later this afternoon, I played with my friend and neighbor Sophia. I even shared with her one of my blackberry popsicles.

Finally, this evening my buddy Andy and his parents Matt and Linda met us for pizza at Gladstone Pizza, our local pizza place. We had a yummy pizza pie and then everyone came over to our house for some of my homemade black berry ice cream.

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