Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Vacation (and even more berries)

Its officially summer vacation! 
 Owen and I are taking a short break from daycare and get to enjoy summer with Mom!  We have a lot of travels and fun planned and can't wait!  It was sort of a bittersweet farewell, I enjoy playing on the floor with all of my friends all day, and many of Owen's friends will be starting Kindergarten before we return... but we are looking forward to a fun-filled summer.

Check out Owen's new pajamas that Mom made him.  He seems to really like them.  As for me, my hair is getting long enough now that I can wear a little ribbon clip my teacher gave me in it if I want.

Friday was Mommy's birthday and to celebrate it Owen, Mom and I met up with Joaquin and his family for Slappy Cakes, a make your own pancake breakfast place.   

Later we wandered downtown to a temporary "sand city".  It's like a bit of beach here in Portland.  Owen and Joaquin played in the sand for a while.

Then the both had frozen popsicles and a run in the fountain to cool down after all that hard digging.

For Mommy's birthday dinner Dad bought a couple fancy cheeses and a bottle of nice wine that we had out on our deck.  Finally the weather is neither too cold or too hot.

On Saturday we started the day with a trip back to the berry farm to get some blueberries this time.

Guess what?  Our favorite berry buddies, Joaquin and his family where there as well picking berries.  I discovered that I could reach into Daddy's berry bucket to get some berries of my own while he's distracted with picking.

After berry picking, we went home and got ready for our first ever block party.   Mommy emailed the firemen to see if they wanted to come to our party and they did!  They brought one of their cool ladder trucks and all the older kids got to climb in and check out all the neat firefighter tools.

Shortly after the firefighters left the food came out and the block party really started to take off.   It was nice to actually meet some of our neighbors other than just waving to each other in passing. 
We blocked off the entire street and everyone mingled out there, but for some reason our driveway seemed to be at the center of the party.  I guess we live exactly halfway down the street.   It was a lot of fun and I can't wait until next year when I can run around in the street with the other kids.

  Today was quieter, with perfect weather.  I got to enjoy the pretty new dress that Grandma Terri got me and Owen got a haircut... ever since his buddies at school had to get a buzz (for the expected daycare related reasons) Owen has been wanting his hair really short... well today he got it!

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Rebecca Jackson said...

WOW!!! I can't believe how much bigger Grace looks since I was there last. Love the clip in her hair. Owen looks like such a big boy with his short hair! What a fun week you had. Happy Birthday Mommy!