Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy birthday Daddy!

Ah... at last its time to get back to soaking up summer in Portland.
We have enjoyed loads of green beans, though they are slowing down. Too bad because Grace has also discovered how much she loves them. Our carrots are making great snacks and pumpkins are beginning to ripen on the vine, now only if those tomatoes would turn red we'll be set! After a few slow days at home we decided to get out! Headed to the Zoo on Wed to enjoy some sunshine, lots of animals and to sneak a peek at the new ape exhibit, though the animals are still being slowly introduced. Grace and I shared some snacks and smiles. Thursday we headed back to Grossen's peach farm and picked WAY TOO MANY peaches, again... This is me as a peach tree... get it? We canned a few jars and made a bit of Jam before Mom pooped out, so I think we'll be eating loads of fresh'uns and maybe trying some fruit leather again (ours wasn't nearly as good as Li Fong's... too hard, we'll try thicker next time). After the peach farm, grabbed lunch with Dad downtown, then headed home to a quick rest before we made it to another "good luck in Kindergarten" party for my school friends, barely, but at least I got to play some. At the last moment, I had to run in and change out of my "boring" shirt into my "party shirt" that grandma Steves made me. Pretty awesome! Got a little more hula hoop practice in that evening while Mom got to sneak out for a Pink Martini concert at the zoo (super fun and a great evening of music and dancing... sounds like my kind of gig). Friday I finally got to spend some time with some other friends... Alice, Henry Robyn joined us a the Lee Farm...they had all sorts of animals to visit... goats, chickens, bunnies, cow and a big ol' dog that escorted us through the whole place. We even found some cool bugs and ate some blackberries off the vine... lovely!I also have been playing with the camera... good a good pic of Grace and Scooter. Saturday was Dad's birthday... Happy Birthday Dad! We got him a cool new ukulele... he's been practicing a lot and is getting pretty good... maybe one day he'll be as talented as I am (mine is all natural).

Grace is also working on her Kazoo skills.
One day we'll put together a band. We had a nice day Dad went to Hair of the Dog with some pals and we had folks over for a nice grill... white-hots, salt-potatoes, grilled veggies, apple cake, grilled peaches and homemade icecream... perfect for Dad! Alas, Mom misplaced the camera (in plain sight of course) that afternoon, but we had a lovely celebration with Alice, Henry, Dan, Robyn, Leslie, Joe, Cat, Chris and Benjamin. Thanks for helping Dad usher in his next year!
Today was great as well... I finally got to see my dear buddy Joaquin, Val, Ray and Esme. It has been a long while, and it was so good to see them again.
It was good to catch-up, play and play, walk up to the Park, and enjoy lunch together.
We did a little bit of shopping so that I could skip the capri look and successfully button my pants again, since all of my pants have gotton a little short over the summer and headed home to enjoy great left-overs. All in all a great day.
We even opened up a great treat from Grandma Terri...
Beautiful new clothes all handmade for Grace... an amazing cardigan and adorable romper.
She looks so cute in them. I am thrilled with a cool brass sand dollar and some "buzz light (year)" bandaids and was particularly interested in the cardboard and the box that everything came in.... and proclaimed how exited I was that Grandma sent me cardboard so that I could make something cool out of it.
Otherwise... Grace is trying to bust in about four new teeth... HOpefully they will be in soon, Mom and Dad could use their bed back. She now says Mamamamama pretty regularly and means it. It may be difficult starting daycare back up in a week or so. I think they'll try some trial runs next week just to get her used to the idea. She is standing pretty steadily with support and occasionally on her own.
she's a fast crawler, loves her binky, hair bows, electronics, cleaning out drawers, cereal O's, green beans, carrots, crusty bread, avocados, chicken, watermelon. Dislikes: peaches (??), zucchini, not being carried by Mom.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lovin' the cousins!

So... we got back from NY, slept in a bit and woke to a glorious visit from our cousins! YAY! Jason, Ann, Kaylee and Clark were up in Portland for a visit and we got to spend two solid days with them!
The big kids had a wild and crazy visit... I mostly enjoyed watching the fun. Kaylee and I got along well, she was super sweet to me. The first day, Owen was perhaps a bit too excited and was pretty crazy for most of the day. We walked over to Laughing Planet for lunch, the grown-ups grabbed some coffee nearby and everyone hung out for the afternoon and dinner. Clark and Owen played monsters for a lot of the time. Kaylee, Owen and Clark harvested a lot of green beans and ate them in their new "hedgehog hole" behind the fireplace. Dad pulled together a great curry from nothingness apparently as we hadn't been grocery shopping yet. Friday we got together again to head up to Mount Hood Adventure Park. Woah... Mom didn't even know about this place, yet it is right where we have gone sledding! It was pretty cool. We all went with Uncle Jason's friends Charles, Julia and Caden... the boys all rode together (Clark, Caden and Owen) while I got to ride with Kaylee, and enjoyed the car ride for the first time in weeks. Kaylee is great to feed me cheerios and smiles. The big kids and adults got to go on all sorts of rides. They started with the Alpine slide, and it looked like they were having so much fun they might not be able to move to other rides... until Uncle Jason took a tumble.... he and Clark were okay, but we were all encouraged to move onto some different rides. They also had the chance to do some canoeing, inner- tubing, pony rides (Kaylee was sooo excited!), an awesome bungee trampoline...which ended up scaring the pants off of Owen when the operator cranked it extra high(though he handled it well... by simply looking wide-eyed and saying very clearly, "Hey, wow, that is scaring me it's a little too high!") . Kaylee and Caden on the other hand were doing all sorts of flips and (K. was) laughing wildly the whole time! Even Clark got into it and had a great time. We rounded things up with some race-car rides; we surprised all of the adults with exceptional driving skills, stayed in the lanes when we wanted to that is. Our favorite may have been the fun-house with a ball-pit, slides, tunnels, and tons of places to run all around. What an awesome afternoon! We headed back to Portland for dinner at Cartopia for pizza and whiffies. We feel so lucky to get to spend quality time with these guys, and wish we could see 'em much more often. Doin' our best to lure them up here as much as possible! Our thoughts are with them as they prepare to celebrate Mrs. Cheu's life.

We spent the rest of the week trying to unwind... went to a party so wish all of my friends from the Y luck as many of them start Kindergarten this year.
On the way home, we walked through a street fair and we sweet talked our way into a hula hoop from Mom... Owen has been working hard with it since... he is fascinating to watch and almost has it.