Sunday, August 08, 2010


Wowzers, what a special and amazing week! We took off for a beautiful vacation with Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom & Uncle Ry to MAUI! That's right... Hawaii, sun, sea, sand, fish, fun, food, relaxation, recreation... all things that should go into a vacation.
Owen and I were exceptional passengers for the flights. I, of course, managed to fall asleep just as we landed upon our arrival (after fighting it for a long time). We got picked up and settled into our amazing condo in Wailea and Owen finally got to get to the beach and the ocean (he was thinking it would be at our feet when we stepped off the plane... not after getting picked up, groceries, a drive, unpacking, dinner, etc...).
Sunday we really got the party going... headed to the beach in the morning and played in the sun and sand.
The weather was perfect for the beach and Owen got to get in the water (so did I actually, but I much preferred the sand and napping). He loved it and did super well, by the end of the week he was almost swimming! He would stay out until he was shivering and had fun jumping in the waves and looking for fish and acting like a fish. He also spent a lot of time digging in the sand and making a few sandcastles. That afternoon we headed to the pool and finished up our water day playing in the grass, I never did get thrilled about getting in the water. Owen got some awesome goggles that he put to good use for the rest of the vacation. We made sushi for dinner with some of awesome poke that fills the deli counters at the grocery stores... yum... . Monday we got out to Lahaina and went on a glass-bottom boat. It was a pretty cool way to see a bunch of fish, some giant sea turtles, and coral! We had a rough afternoon, Owen was tired and made for a tough lunch so we headed back and got some rest while Dad played with our friend Derek who lives out there. We went back to Lahaina that evening with Grandpa as well for the Old Lahina Luau! Daddy saw me stand on my own for a second before I realized my mistake. It has happened a few times since then... soon baby, I'll be on my own! It was super fun, we saw some taro being made, pig pit roasted, Owen got a beloved carved turtle from Grandpa and I got a little one too. We both stayed completely awake way too late so we could enjoy the hula dancers. It was fascinating! somehow, Owen ended up with a lot of leis, which he loved.The next day, Mom, Dad and Uncle Ryan disappeared for the morning and went snorkeling out to Molikini. They kept it pretty quiet 'cause they knew Owen would disapprove, but had a wonderful time. Owen and I had a great time at the beach (of course) with Grandma and Grandpa. They did bring back a bunch of pictures of cool fish and corals and themselves underwater.
Owen and I had a great time at the beach with Grandma and Grandpa who snuck out of his class early.

I mean, how could you go wrong at the beach? Everyone had a good nap that afternoon, headed to the grocery store and took some family pictures that evening.
Uncle Ryan cooked us a yummy steak dinner!
Wednesday we had another much needed beach day.

Spent most of the day in the sand.
Thankfully the condos have awesome lounge chairs and umbrellas set-up to keep us in the shade when we could sit still long enough.
I LOVED the sand and, again, napping on a lounge chair.
I am really good at napping outside, much better than I am at napping inside.
Owen is a super water dude and scared Mom to pieces when they felt like they went through a tumble in the washing machine together in the surf.
The grown-ups say it tough because he spends his time trying to get away from you in the water and show off his ever improving swimming they have to take him out en masse.

After a nap we headed out for some shopping and some shave ice. Yum. Thursday we went to a beach up the coast a little bit so Owen could put his goggles to use to see some fish and he sure did! He did great, next time we definitely have to get him some snorkel gear.
He saw a bunch of fish on a quiet reef and showed the rest of us his great ocean swimming skills.
That afternoon we headed upcountry to see the surfing goat farm...(with another stop for some more shave ice...
) pretty cool views on the way up (well, so they say, I napped most of it).
Owen got to feed the goats and go on a good tour (as I slept in the car). We left with a bunch of yummy goat cheese to bring home and new goat friends.
Had a great dinner out that night at MALA, Mom and Dad got a fancy opaka opaka fish dinner and everyone ate very well.
We left friday, so sad to say goodbye to the blue skies, family and beaches, but as before we fared pretty well on the trip home.
This weekend has just been in recovery. I saved a reoccurrance of my ear infection for last night and today, so that has been occupying the folks, otherwise a visit to the farmers market for provisions, playground time to wear us out enough to deal with the time change, iranian festival that we bumped into (good food and hula-like dancing) and chores around the house. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for an amazing trip... it was good to spend time with you guys and Uncle Ry!
We returned to some good news... Kristen and Jeremy welcomed Henry Lee to their family and to this world! Happy Birthday Henry!

p.s. forgive the occasional doubles... blogspot and I aren't getting along really well tonight


Grandma Steves said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation. The pictures are amazing.

James said...

What an awesome vacation!!

Rebecca Jackson said...

Looks like an awesome vacation! Great pictures and wonderful family time. Yeah!