Sunday, August 22, 2010

A New York State of mind

Because of the huge amounts of fun we have had in the past two weeks... I'll have to do this in installments... first off We *heart* NY!
We headed to Wolcott to visit Grandma and Grandpa Steves! YAY! It had been a long time, but I still anticipated how much fun we would all have together
(even though we missed firefly season... its apparently a little earlier... but we did get Nightcrawlers!). Had a great visit. Grace and I traveled pretty well in spite of layovers and red-eye flights. First day we took it relatively easy, mostly napped and recovered, found some awesome clothes and toys from Grandma and Grandpa.... Grandma made me my own Aloha shirt (that I need to grow into a bit) and a cute sundress for Gracie.... she looks so cute in it!
but the next we started out with my very favorite... fishing with Grandpa Steves! I caught the most AND the largest fish that day. Not too shabby. That evening, we enjoyed a wonderful family BBQ... Auntie Tami, Uncle Eddie,
Aunt JoAnn, Uncle Rich, Cousins Tyler, Shannon, Corey, Aiden and Scout
all came over for some great grilling and fun play time.
It was so much fun to be running around with Tyler Scout and Aiden.
I think the adults had a good time too playing ping-pong!
Such a treat to visit with everyone.
Saturday, we explored the area a bit and hit the beach at Sodus Point... super windy, so I don't think Grace and Mom enjoyed getting sand blasted...
but Dad and I had a blast playing weed monster in the lake and swimming around.
We walked around town and
got an icecream before heading back.
That evening, Grace and I got to had a fun evening with the Grandfolks while Mom and Dad went to Dad's 20-year class reunion and got (re)aquainted with all of Dad's old buddies.
Sunday was another special treat... a trip to Saratoga Springs to visit Aunt Diane, Uncle Jeff, Ben and Tyler!
It was a bit of a drive, but we did okay... What a great way to spend the day.
Fun with friends. It had been a while so was fun catching-up. We mostly just moseyed around town and played whenever we could find an open space and ate whenever we passed something that looked tasty.
Grace had a great time going after Tyler whenever she could, and Ben and I ran around up and down hills, looking for treasures (rocks, flowers, bugs)
occasionally checking in with the little'uns.
I even got to go on a carousel ride
while the babies napped!
Grace got to try her first Ice cream cone... and LOVED it...
she finished off Dad's and would be extremely upset if Dad tried to help her (or heaven forbid, take it away... and the folks thought that I was the one who knew how to pitch a fit...)
Tyler thought his was pretty tasty too.
Monday Grace, Mom and Grandma did some shopping at a farmer's market and drove around the countryside while the fellas hit the lake one more time.
Fish weren't biting as well, but it was great to get out. .. and I had another chance to drive the boat! we had an afternoon trip to visit Great-Grandma Steves.
She likes her new digs at the nursing home and it was great for Grace to get to meet her NY Great-Grandma.
THey hit it off pretty well. After we left Great-grandma we headed to super Wegmans (big grocery store) and spent a nice afternoon spending time together.
On our last day in NY, we tried hard to get the kite flying...
we even drove down to the point to try to catch some more regular wind...
however ended up having a great morning skipping stones and enjoying the sunshine before heading back onto the plane for the flight home.
Next up... even more cousins!

Although we have had a great few weeks, we were saddened to learn that Mrs. Cheu had passed away... she was always warm and wonderful to Mom and considered a part of our family and we are grateful to have known her.

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