Sunday, September 26, 2010


Guess who turned -ONE-
Yep, my sweet little baby is nearly a toddler, she definitely is not a little baby any more (though she still likes to cuddle, but then again, so do I). We have been celebrating all week and it has been so much fun! To start off Grace took some muffins and frosting into her class on her birthday, the little guys got to spend snack time trying to spread on their frosting, it was so cute, and they ended up so sticky and messy... perfect. At home we celebrated with spaghetti and meat-balls, (one of my favorite things when I was one)! We opened presents that evening and had fun playing with everything from our wonderful, sweet family. Everything really was just perfect, some new clothes, new toys... Mom and Dad got us (I mean Grace:) a cook kitchen set that we are loving.

I made her this awesome card.
She loved it Friday we all went to the zoo for the morning, ostensibly to to see the dinosaur exhibit that scared the pants off of me.... I am not sure that the realism of moving, staring, roaring dinosaurs right next to the paths is a great plan.
Otherwise we had a good zoo visit, and were surprised to see two giraffes (have only ever seen Akeem before).
That afternoon was also super fun topped off with a visit to Tart for ice-cream with Joaquin, Esme and Val.
We then all walked over to the park for some running-around time and quality time to play with my dear pals.
Saturday we had a proper birthday party for our birthday girl... Bagels and home-made playdough.
I got to help mom mix in the colors.
and contributed a few art projects.
Grace loved her carrot-cake cupcakes,
especially the frosting which ended up all over.
(in spite of Dad's supervision) Her first proper cake...
at least first one Mom and Dad let her eat all herself and she was pretty pleased.
We got to celebrate with the families of
Joaquin & Esme, Benjamin, Scarlet
, Alice & Henry
Beyond these dear ones Mom, Dad, Grace and I wanted to extend our heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone, family, friends, near, far who have supported us, listened to us, loved us this first year as a family of four.
Your participation in our lives inspires, relieves and keeps us strong.. thank you thank you thank you.
Well, as if a big party to celebrate my little sister's first birthday wasn't enough for a day we got to celebrate the wedding of some friends from the folks' work who they have known for years.
Ian & Christina got married in Pittsburg, but we had a nice get-together that afternoon at Kit, Monica and Charlie's house (with many of my same friends).
Today was a fair-bit more relaxed, church and errands in the morning and hanging around home for the afternoon... a good way to recover a bit from our partying ways and prep Mom for starting teaching tomorrow.
Lets see... at one Grace is standing for seconds at a shot, her best place is when she is brushing her teeth, she gets all occupied with the toothbrush and forgets that she is standing there. She has taken one or two steps on her own but is very good at walking for a bit holding a hand. Her eating has narrowed to noodles, frozen peas, frozen blueberries and tough bread (bagels, crusts of crusty breads). She is extremely opinionated and cries pitifully when she doesn't get what she thinks she needs, alas her communication is not quite clear enough always for us to figure out what she needs. Working hard on baby sign... she may have milk (just started trying regular Milk... she likes it!) she does say "mamamamama", talks by flapping her lips with her fingers, and making very loud sounds, some say she can be quite chatty. At her first birthday she was 22 lbs, 30.5 inches. She has a sweet innocent look that melts you to look at and is known as "cuddles" at daycare (and pumpkin at home, but she is just as cuddly!).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We party in the sunshine... or more commonly... in the Rain

Well, definitely fall-like now that we have had some serious downpours for the past week. However, we had plans already so thank goodness for our new raingear! Friday, however was a really lovely morning with Esme, Henry, Joaquin, Alice , Robyn and Val! They all came over for some delish popovers in the morning and stayed for play time and art. It was really great to hang out with them.
The big kids managed to play really well together, and although Esme slept for a fair bit of it, Henry and I seemed to get along pretty well, he tolerated my sudden lunges. I am working really hard on standing and can do so for a few seconds at a time, however I am still a little nervous about it. I do like "walking" while holding onto someone's leg of hands.
Saturday the rains really hit. We had a good day at home and Dad went out to a Ukulele jam while we played at home.
That afternoon, we headed over to new earth farm for our CSA party. It was pouring for much of it, and although I stayed under the tents for most of the time,
eating watermelon and watching the folk music, Owen spent his time in the fields and in the rain collecting bugs.
He found all sorts of cool critters; grasshoppers galore that we fed to the chickens, praying mantis' that we put in the garden and a few others that we couldn't identify.
Today we were busy around the house getting chores done, and headed over to Dr. Reuter's house for a work party. I was perhaps a little reserved though managed to put away a dozen crackers and finally warmed up to get sniffed properly by a horse and play with some folks. Owen, however, warmed up as soon as he saw open grass and Dr. Reuter mentioned there maybe snakes around.
He spent his time running around hunting for even more bugs and found a great friend in a little girl who loves bugs and bug hunting as much (if not more) as he does. He also managed some rainy soccer with a bunch of the kids and a few grown-ups. (the only pics we managed). Man country parties rock.
I'm getting pretty excited about turning -1- this week. Holy smokes, what a great year!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eeking out some more summer fun

Autumn seems to be peeking out more and more... Dad and I celebrated by heading out fishing on Estacata lake. I got to hunt up all sorts of grubs and worms from our compost, but the fish weren't biting too much... we came home with one medium sized trout but enjoyed a beautiful day on the water. That evening we headed to Joaquin's house to celebrate the symbolic end of summer with a great labor day party and Val's birthday! Happy Birthday Val! It was great to spend time with friends and to catch-up with some folks we don't get to see too often. Joaquin and I had a great time playing monsters and climbing all over. Grace and Henry hung out and got to know each other a little better.... all in all a great evening. This week got a little chilly for a few days but the sun came out again thankfully for the weekend. Grace did her first full week at daycare and did great. She napped, played and came home exhausted. I, on the other hand, have begun napping at school again so its really hard to get to sleep at night. Mom is still trying to reserve Fridays for just the three of us... so we headed out to CHAP art factory in the morning. Oddly, I was fairly reserved for having free reign to all things craft (would be a dream at home) but Grace went nuts! She had a great time and completed her first (okay, second... she had one at daycare last week, but its on the wall at school) painting! I did have a great time in the end, there were loads of pipe cleaners, pompons, paint and a big castle we could stick everything too! Cars as well. After wearing ourselves out at the art factory we got to go across the street to run around (which was the only rule in the art factory... no running). We finished up with a little snack (and much needed coffee for mom) before heading home.
That evening, we had an extra special nacho night... just 'cause. Nachos, in the living room, witha movie! Princess and the frog was pretty darned cool.
Even Grace enjoyed lots of beans (and oatmeal, and bananas, and cheerios, she was hungry... beans made it tough for her to sleep though). Saturday was relatively mellow, except that we had some pretty awesome news. Linda and Matt had their new baby!
Congrats Andy on being a new big brother! Mom went by that afternoon to visit and meet the new addition. I can't wait to meet the newest baby. We just played at home, Grace did some reading (a cool family picture book Grandma Terri put together)
and enjoyed some fruit popsicles.
I've been picking anything ripe at home.
We have had a very modest tomato harvest so far, but it makes me happy every time I find one. To bulk up our otherwise beautiful tomato plants (green ones just aren't that good for sauce), we headed out to Hood River today. Stopped for a yummy lunch at Full Sail brewery and enjoyed a good view of the river.
Walked around town for a bit then headed back to Rasmussen farms for some more tomatoes and to pick up a bunch of apples!
I am totally thrilled about the apples.
The farm wasn't doing that much better with their tomatoes, but we got enough to get us going a little so we can enjoy our farm picked tomatoes later this year.