Sunday, September 05, 2010

Visit from G'ma, G'pa and ZOE!

Practice makes perfect right? This week I have been practicing going to daycare, with Mommy at my side for a few days. First day... long warm-up time, next... much better, I think it will be okay to go back and play with my friends again and my new teacher is super sweet. I've also been practicing eating more... mmm avocado, I'm trying all sorts of new things and prefer things that I can pick up and eat by myself.
I'm into multi-tasking too, eating at the same time as a facial and hair treatment! Had a super great weekend... Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom came up to visit us! They introduced us to their new pup... Zoe! Zoe is super cute, bouncy, sweet and for some reason completely terrifies poor Scooter. In spite of Scooter's hesitation, she is great and good fun to play with. Welcome to the family Zoe! We had a great weekend. Celebrated Grandma Terri's birthday! O. made her this cool card, we had a good peach cake and yummy pizza dinner! We went to the Farmer's market and got loads of great dinner fixings (as well as a few other meals!) did a lot of "back-to-school" shopping playing on the floor, on the deck,

and in the yard with everyone.
Today we started out with Dim Sum brunch. Owen tried all sorts of things that were new to him... Jellyfish,
chicken feet...
He and Grandma were having an ongoing conversation about how Owen liked all sorts of unusual (what many would consider gross...) foods: eyeballs, chicken feet etc and this was his opportunity to show his stuff, and he came through!
I also ate a ton... at least a whole bao, duck, taro...
We also had a great time checking out the art fair in the Pearl.
There was a cool car that Owen painted on as part of the CHAP project.
He thought that was pretty darned cool. Grandma and Grandpa packed up Zoe this afternoon and headed home. Thanks for the visit Grandma and Grandpa! We had so much fun with you guys (and will be looking great in our new duds!). Safe travels.

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