Sunday, September 19, 2010

We party in the sunshine... or more commonly... in the Rain

Well, definitely fall-like now that we have had some serious downpours for the past week. However, we had plans already so thank goodness for our new raingear! Friday, however was a really lovely morning with Esme, Henry, Joaquin, Alice , Robyn and Val! They all came over for some delish popovers in the morning and stayed for play time and art. It was really great to hang out with them.
The big kids managed to play really well together, and although Esme slept for a fair bit of it, Henry and I seemed to get along pretty well, he tolerated my sudden lunges. I am working really hard on standing and can do so for a few seconds at a time, however I am still a little nervous about it. I do like "walking" while holding onto someone's leg of hands.
Saturday the rains really hit. We had a good day at home and Dad went out to a Ukulele jam while we played at home.
That afternoon, we headed over to new earth farm for our CSA party. It was pouring for much of it, and although I stayed under the tents for most of the time,
eating watermelon and watching the folk music, Owen spent his time in the fields and in the rain collecting bugs.
He found all sorts of cool critters; grasshoppers galore that we fed to the chickens, praying mantis' that we put in the garden and a few others that we couldn't identify.
Today we were busy around the house getting chores done, and headed over to Dr. Reuter's house for a work party. I was perhaps a little reserved though managed to put away a dozen crackers and finally warmed up to get sniffed properly by a horse and play with some folks. Owen, however, warmed up as soon as he saw open grass and Dr. Reuter mentioned there maybe snakes around.
He spent his time running around hunting for even more bugs and found a great friend in a little girl who loves bugs and bug hunting as much (if not more) as he does. He also managed some rainy soccer with a bunch of the kids and a few grown-ups. (the only pics we managed). Man country parties rock.
I'm getting pretty excited about turning -1- this week. Holy smokes, what a great year!

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Rebecca Jackson said...

Happy Birthday Miss Grace!!!! Turning one just rocks! I love Owen's "wuz up" picture. Too cute!