Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Grandma Terri came this weekend to help us celebrate Halloween. After picking her up at the airport we went to Slappy Cakes where you get to make your own pancakes. Yummy!

After filling up on pancakes we went to school even though we normally don't go to school on Fridays. Turns out school was having a Halloween Party and Parade. So we got dressed up and joined the fun.

On Saturday we went downtown to find a new pastry shop that Mom and Grandma had heard about. While the muffin I had was pretty good, I was more interested in strolling down the wet sidewalk.

Saturday night we went to a party at Robyn, Dan, Alice and Henry's house. It was a big party with lots of kids and Grandma surprised us by bringing a costume so she could go to the party too. As for Mommy, Daddy, Owen and I we all went as mummies.

Owen was a pretty convincing scary mummy.

Joaquin and Alice had super cute costumes.

Here's Owen doing his best "scary mummy".

I really enjoyed showing Grandma Terri all my new walking skills. I was so tired from showing off that I took a big nap on Sunday afternoon while Owen put on his mummy costume one more time and went trick-or-treating.

Unlike last year when Owen and I went out trick or treating by ourselves, Owen was able to meet up with all the other kids in the neighborhood.

I think Owen might have had a bit too much candy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Autumn factory!

I have been making an autumn factory...
something with a stick and leaves tied to it... I think it speaks for itself. After a really amazingly beautiful week (trees turning bright colors, perfect weather, bright skies, brisk mornings and warm afternoons) the real PDX fall has with a bit o' rain. However, we have taken as much advantage of the temperate weather as we could with lots of time outside playing in the pretty leaves. Friday we had a pretty cool morning decorating our sugar skulls with Val, Esme and Joaquin! After barely tolerating the baby carrier (and refusing to be put down) Grace finally settled for some pumpkin bread. Randall's recipe is dominating this season. Joaquin and I did a few, but I think the Moms had the best time. Saturday was relatively quiet, Mom had to write a midterm so we hung with Dad for a lot of the day. That night we went to a spaghetti dinner at Church. We had a good time hanging out with everyone and baffling at the huge amount of food Grace was able to put away. Today was pretty great though. We had a quiet morning, but this afternoon finally got to carve our pumpkins at Joaquin and Esme's house. Not only did we get some awesome pumpkins together, but we had a great time playing with all of our friends. Grace showed off a little bit of her walking, Henry is standing a bit and crawling plenty, Esme continues to be so serene. The big-kids were all pretty excited and made some great pumpkins and lots of running around and play-time. Grace is starting to walk more boldly! We even have managed to catch a few pictures and a quick video. She also helps me out with my art by opening and closing my art box constantly, and coloring a little bit.
She is actually pretty good about trying to color, I love watching her and helping her put together pictures.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkins and Monsters

We had another unusually beautiful week of fall weather and we took as much advantage of it that we could.

On Friday we spent a little bit of time inside and Owen built the largest Lego tower I've ever seen while I took a little nap. I still can't figure out how Owen did this all by himself without using a chair or anything because this tower was much taller than he is.

We also had fun with homemade white O0bleck (two parts cornstarch and one part water). It's really fun stuff, if you squeeze it slowly it's more like a liquid and if you squeeze it hard it's more like a solid.

Saturday we met up with a bunch of friends at the Plumper Pumpkin Patch to pick pumpkins. I think I spent more time posing for pictures with pumpkins than actually picking out pumpkins to take home.

Owen and Joaquin manged to find a rotting pumpkin to pick at out in the field ...

and a giant pumpkin to sit on.

Owen and Alice even got in to posing for pictures with pumpkins.

Owen, with some help from Mom made monsters out of clay at a monster making party Saturday night. A bunch of grad students and co-workers from Portland State University got together to make these neat monsters with the help of a local monster artist.

They all turned out pretty cool.

The artist how showed everyone how to do this is going to fire these in his kiln and glaze them and bring them back in a week or so. I can't wait to see them all finished.

On Sunday Owen went to his friend Isabella's birthday party at a gymnastics and dance academy. I stayed home with Mom while Dad took Owen to the party. From looking at the pictures I think Owen had a lot of fun.

It looks like there was a big pit full of foam to jump in...

and a bounce house.