Sunday, October 03, 2010


Well, Mom started teaching again, which means longer days at school for everyone... however we are all doing great, I usually get to play with Mom a bit at lunch and am having a great time with all of the kids. I start with a new teacher on Monday, but I know her and love to cuddle with her, so things should be just fine. On our Friday together, we played a lot at home in the morning, I love playing at my new kitchen set and
Thanks! James and Lilli for the cool stir-fry set... its perfect and I love tossing all of the veggies into the big bowl (they make a satisfying"clunk"). I helped Owen out with play-dough for a while before we headed out. Had a great time at the park. We were most impressed to watch Owen cross the monkey bars! Way to go bro! Owen was most impressed by all of the tiny drifting caterpillars. After several days of practice at school, I was getting really good at play equipment. I like anything I can hold onto or walk along. After fun at the park, we headed over for a (first) taste of the Greek Festival in town for lunch. Its one of Mom's culinary favorites. Turns out mine too, I ate everything. Owen was more hesitant until we busted into the loulokmades (or tasty fried syrupy goodness). All in all a great day. Saturday we had some nice morning time enjoying popovers with loads of jam, then headed out to Hoyt Arboretum for a nice hike through the pines. It was an amazingly beautiful day. Mom and Owen spent some time counting tree rings... this one was 83! We finished up with a snack at the little t bakery (I Love their pretzels!). Although we are totally enjoying these fleeting sunny days, fall is definitely showing its face... its pretty, red yellow and green face. Luckily this bit o' sunshine has facilitated Owen's picking frenzy. I'm not sure what he will do outside once everything is done, but we have enjoyed some great meals with fresh (finally) tomatoes, herbs, green beans... Otherwise today, Mom and I woke up early, and since Daddy was up with me until about 4am... Mom took pity and we had a girls morning out for bagels while the fellas slept in. After playing a bit, some yard work, some naps... we headed back to the greek festival... yep, hit it twice this year if you can believe it! Mom's not complaining though, plus we got to hang out with Val and Joaquin which is always nice. Filled up on Spanakopita, gyros, baklava... more loulokmades. This time we caught some kids doing traditional dances which was pretty cool. Owen and Mom made Mozzarella this afternoon, and Daddy used it to make an amazing pizza margherita (okay they added Oregano too). Otherwise, I'm busy fighting sleep, working on improving my eating habits (apparently a diet of only frozen peas and blueberries isn't going to cut it), but I fight these things by being as cute and charming as possible to distract the grown-ups from my agenda.

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