Sunday, November 28, 2010


We have had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We are grateful for wonderful family, a cold-snap that made it really feel like winter, dear friends, good food, school, work, toddlers... we are grateful for so very much. Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and Zoe were able to join us this weekend to celebrate with us! Thanksgiving was a great day! We spent most of it cooking and eating, of course. Daddy pulled together most of the meal and did a pretty awesome job. The turkey was great, cornbread stuffing, brussel sprouts that were divine, butternut squash, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce... the works! Grandma and Grandpa brought the necessary pumpkin pie and a fantastic gingerbread cake. We did a little dancin' on the ceiling, played catch with Grandpa Tom, watched Starwars (first time for me!) while we "digested" which I guess means everyone falls sound asleep in the living room, like a sleep-over, leaving me and Mom to enjoy the classic together. I was enthralled though barely hung in there. After everyone was well-rested, we went on a bit of a walk before enjoying more food again! Next day we ran some relatively tame black-Friday errands (haircut for me, waffle window, yarn-store, pet-store... toddling around town) and grabbed lunch at Gustav's, which ended up being a great hot-dog (for me) and all sorts of yummy german grub for everyone else.
Otherwise, we spent much of the remaining weekend with Grandma and Grandpa doing art,
cleaning out Grace's overstuffed drawers, playing, etc... It was so special to be able to spend time with them. We all had a wonderful time and really really enjoyed their company! Thanks for the awesome visit! Today was spent getting into the Christmas spirit! Christmas music on the radio,
a visit to Mt. Hood Tree farm to pick out a beautiful Oregon fir,
decorating the tree, holiday crafts...
all in all a nice start to the holidays.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

3-binky sort of week

Man, its tough to bust through new teeth.
I have had the dickens of a time getting to sleep and need all of my binkies... though I have managed to have some pretty fun times. Plus I get loads of kisses and cuddles out of the deal. We've been pulling out Owen's ark and having a lot of fun with the animals (mostly 'cause they make a nice sound when you throw them in the boat...). Friday, we had a great walk and coffee shop visit with Sophia, Aubry and Harmony. It was pretty nice on the way there, but kinda cold and windy on the way back so I napped for most of it. Saturday, we got to visit Val, Joaquin and Esme for some great art and play time. I made a couple of really nice ornaments and Owen even got to do a bunch of painting (in addition to all of his playing)! They all turned out so nicely. I fell asleep, but Owen got to watch How to Train Your Dragon finally, and was only a little bit scared (though would only admit it after the movie), though I think he may have liked the book they read in school about it more. Today was pretty awesome, to spite the lack of pictures (I think the folks are getting lazy with the camera). We got a fun visit from Caden, Matt and Cascade! They brought us lunch and we had a great time playing with them. Well, the boys spent most of their time playing and hiding, but we (Mom, Dad and I) enjoyed catching up with Matt and Cascade a little bit. Afterwards I got to hang with Dad and finally catch a nap while Owen and Mom went to Julius' 4th birthday. He sure does love going to birthdays!

Our thoughts are with our friend Noah who has had some pretty big surgeries to help him this week. Speedy recovery friend...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kind of a slow week...

On Friday Gracie, Mom and I went to the Oregon Zoo in the rain. The nice thing about going to the zoo in bad weather on a weekday is you don't have to deal with the crowds. For example, on a nice warm sunny Saturday I'd have to wait in line to get a chance to drive the old tractor near the zoo's farm.

On Saturday morning we all went to Bob's Red Mill for breakfast and to resupply our pantry with bread making ingredients. Unlike the zoo on Friday, this place was crowded and it seemed like we had to wait forever before my pancakes arrived.

I think Gracie was just as hungry as I was because when Mom's bran muffin finally came I think
Gracie ended up eating most of it.

Later Saturday afternoon we went to a "Soup Swap" party and Leslie and Joe's. It was pretty slow at first but then I discovered Leslie and Joe's son Tyler's room. Tyler is an older kid who wasn't home during the party and has a ton of Transformer and Bionicle toys that Leslie said I could play with. Eventually my friend Benjamin came as well as a new friend named Madeline came and played with us.

On Sunday I did a bit of coloring while Mom worked on her class lecture. When Mom did come home she took me to see a movie with Val and Joaquin called "The Little Prince". It was kind of like a play because the voice actors, music and sound effects where all done live at the theatre while the movie played on the big screen. Joaquin and I thought it was okay, but Mom and Val really liked it. Meanwhile, Gracie stayed home with Dad and played.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Friends Food Fun

We have been having an eventful, but relaxing weekend, which was perfect! In spite of the pictures, we actually spent a lot of time with our friends this weekend and had a great time with everyone! We started early on Thursday with dinner a the new foodcarts on Division with Alice, Henry and Robyn!
Definitely recommended! Not only was the food excellent (Mom was quite happy with the fondue ... cheese and chocolate!) , but there was a nice heated tent and some fun toys for us kids to play with (Alice and I had a great time with the bean-bag toss and sidewalk chalk). Friday with Mom was taken up largely with a huge walk! We headed over to the park for a while where I did a ton of running around and surfing on the wobbly bridge and climbing on everything! Grace got her first ride on a playground swing! She had a good time, but really was only moderately impressed.
Afterwards I was still raring to go so we continued walking for another two hours (with a well-timed coffee shop stop about half-way).
It was great! We finished up our big day out, enjoying a pretty autumn day with a great dinner at Laughing Planet with Benjamin, Cat and Chris.
Yesterday we headed downtown to hit a craft-show and walk around a little bit. It was still nice out, and everyone did great, except Grace really wanted to make sure we kept moving. That evening, we had nacho night with a movie (Land before time)... but this time was extra special (as if movie night wasn't cool enough) but had Val, Esme and Joaquin over too.
I loved having them join us, and we had a great evening with super yummy apple desserts. Today was quieter, Mom ran a few errands,
Dad took us on another walk down to woodstock and then went to a Ukulele club meeting (yes... really) while we played leggos and G. Napped. Otherwise, we have just tried to play outside when we have pretty weather. This week, Grace has really done super well walking around and is even experimenting carrying things.
She finally fits into some swanky shoes Auntie Donna gave her ages ago, and she LOVES them. Not only does she make sure EVERYBODY notices them, but she really wants us to put them back on if they ever fall off.
Grace is also busting teeth through like crazy...
she has two new molars that are about 50% in and another bottom tooth and maybe another upper.
Yep, busy.