Sunday, November 21, 2010

3-binky sort of week

Man, its tough to bust through new teeth.
I have had the dickens of a time getting to sleep and need all of my binkies... though I have managed to have some pretty fun times. Plus I get loads of kisses and cuddles out of the deal. We've been pulling out Owen's ark and having a lot of fun with the animals (mostly 'cause they make a nice sound when you throw them in the boat...). Friday, we had a great walk and coffee shop visit with Sophia, Aubry and Harmony. It was pretty nice on the way there, but kinda cold and windy on the way back so I napped for most of it. Saturday, we got to visit Val, Joaquin and Esme for some great art and play time. I made a couple of really nice ornaments and Owen even got to do a bunch of painting (in addition to all of his playing)! They all turned out so nicely. I fell asleep, but Owen got to watch How to Train Your Dragon finally, and was only a little bit scared (though would only admit it after the movie), though I think he may have liked the book they read in school about it more. Today was pretty awesome, to spite the lack of pictures (I think the folks are getting lazy with the camera). We got a fun visit from Caden, Matt and Cascade! They brought us lunch and we had a great time playing with them. Well, the boys spent most of their time playing and hiding, but we (Mom, Dad and I) enjoyed catching up with Matt and Cascade a little bit. Afterwards I got to hang with Dad and finally catch a nap while Owen and Mom went to Julius' 4th birthday. He sure does love going to birthdays!

Our thoughts are with our friend Noah who has had some pretty big surgeries to help him this week. Speedy recovery friend...

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Noah Stone Jackson said...

Some weeks you just need all the binkys you can get! Thanks for the well means the world to me.