Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kind of a slow week...

On Friday Gracie, Mom and I went to the Oregon Zoo in the rain. The nice thing about going to the zoo in bad weather on a weekday is you don't have to deal with the crowds. For example, on a nice warm sunny Saturday I'd have to wait in line to get a chance to drive the old tractor near the zoo's farm.

On Saturday morning we all went to Bob's Red Mill for breakfast and to resupply our pantry with bread making ingredients. Unlike the zoo on Friday, this place was crowded and it seemed like we had to wait forever before my pancakes arrived.

I think Gracie was just as hungry as I was because when Mom's bran muffin finally came I think
Gracie ended up eating most of it.

Later Saturday afternoon we went to a "Soup Swap" party and Leslie and Joe's. It was pretty slow at first but then I discovered Leslie and Joe's son Tyler's room. Tyler is an older kid who wasn't home during the party and has a ton of Transformer and Bionicle toys that Leslie said I could play with. Eventually my friend Benjamin came as well as a new friend named Madeline came and played with us.

On Sunday I did a bit of coloring while Mom worked on her class lecture. When Mom did come home she took me to see a movie with Val and Joaquin called "The Little Prince". It was kind of like a play because the voice actors, music and sound effects where all done live at the theatre while the movie played on the big screen. Joaquin and I thought it was okay, but Mom and Val really liked it. Meanwhile, Gracie stayed home with Dad and played.

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