Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas! Family!

Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas! Owen actually took his sweet time waking up, since we got back so late from Auntie Donna's...he was tired I guess. When he finally woke-up, he was kinda hoping that he was the last one because then he could totally focus on opening presents instead of looking at everyone elses'. Santa and our friends and family were exceedingly good to us. Adorable clothes, I really loved the selection of play-phones and smart-phones...(and Grandma's new necklace). I am sooo ready for my teen years. We spent the morning opening presents,playing with everything, eating a leisurely breakfast and finally getting our act together to head to Tulare to visit with Grandma Mary and all of the rest of my wonderful family. We arrived for a late lunch and loads of play-time. I got to meet my Uncle Derek, Auntie Debbie, Kellen and baby Colin as well as see my Great-Uncles (Andy, Steve, Geary, Mark) and Great-Aunties (Gigi, Geralyne, Kathy) and even more cousins (Jordan, Brittany, Sarah and Eric). We played some fun games, ate great Chippino (Thank you Uncle Geary... it was sooo good), all in all had a really wonderful Christmas afternoon. It was so much fun and I got so much attention. The older boys played really well together, and spent much of their time playing camping outside, or trying not to spew striped jello all over Uncle Brian or hiding out in the back rooms or learning hula-hooping in the living room. Colin and I had some quality pack-n-play time (he generously shared loads of his cheerios). I loved playing with Great-Grandma Mary and all of my aunties and uncles! We had a great time opening presents, and most of all spending time with family... which really is what makes Christmas so very very special. I love all of you!

The day after Christmas, the family fun continued with a visit from Great-Auntie Gigi, G'-Auntie Geralyne, G'-Uncle Mark, Auntie Debbie, Uncle Derek, Colin and Kellen!
They came out to Fresno and we had a great time practicing hula-hooping (Mom and Dad figured out how to make them this year, and boy-oh-boy have they gone to town gifting them to all the kids... if you haven't noticed). Everyone gave it a go (hmmm, except uncle Mark I think).
Some were naturals,
others did pretty well, and the rest,
well, need to practice but really gave it a good shot,
and got better even over the short time at our house.
Otherwise, the boys played in Owen's rolly tube
and had a great time.

Colin and I had some quality time with the polar bear
and the beautiful day,
dogs that have more-or-less mellowed at the end of this week
beautiful sunshine and being held by all of the aunties.

We all enjoyed tamales and oranges and mostly the quality family time with our NY and SF family.

We miss you guys so much and really treasure any time we can spend together. On a side note... do you know how hard it is to get a good picture with everyone facing the same direction... it may not be possible :)

We wish everyone a very happy holiday, that you spent it with people you love, that you had as blessed of a year as we did. Thanks for reading along!


T: -5 days until Christmas! After a long ride the day before, we arrived at Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom's house! I did really well, totally chill the whole ride, though Grace has a shorter attention span for really long car rides. However, she did do really well eating a real meal... about half of Dad's burrito at La Favorita in Sac.
A visit with my dear friends Becky, KC, Noah, Diane, Jeff, Ben and Tyler!
A yummy lunch of Grandpa's Chili that Grace ate too! (A shocker after weeks of a yogurt and babyfood diet). We had a great time hanging out,
playing and starting our Christmas festivities.
T: -4 days
hanging with the Grandfolks, visit to Grandpa to get my teeth cleaned,
My favorite, and special request to make Rice Crispy treats (with butterscotch... mmmm). We headed down to Tulare for lunch with Great-Grandma Mary.
Lunch at the restaurant did not go smoothly for either me or G. but everyone got their manners back a little bit when we spent some time hanging out at her house relaxing.
Grace continued to amaze by eating spaghetti and meatballs.
Zoe was really hoping for leftovers... G. did not oblige.

T: -3 days
Baking and decorating cookies with Grandma!
I made some pretty amazing cookies with just a bit of sprinkles on them.
We had a few small dance parties,
and finished up with a great dinner out to Eureka burger... YUM!
T: -2 days! Lunch with more friends!
I got to play with Nolan and Ben again, this time at Me-n-Eds.
A last moment decision that proved to be a good one since we had a lot of space to play.
The grown-ups actually had a bit of time
to chat and catch-up!
After a great lunch, Grace took a nap and Dad took me to Cole for some outside play-time.
Uncle Ry arrived late the night before,
so we finally got to play with him!
We ended our day with an amazing Chili Crab / Garlic noodle dinner
courtesy of myself, Dad, and Grandpa.
T: -1 day
'twas the night before Christmas!
Now when we come to Fresno,
we have some honored traditions.
Actually, I woke up kinda disappointed, I thought that THIS day was Christmas, and I was very excited to wake-up to see what Santa left THEN get to go out an pick Lemons for grandpa's Norwegian pancakes. Alas, I was a day-off (though I still blame the Grown-ups) First off we spent most of the day playing and resting-up as best possible for a big evening.
We started off with our neighbors, the Mochizukis,
it was fun to catch-up with Beth, Bryan,
Bill and Debbie.
I took some pretty good pictures of everyone.
Then we headed to dinner at Auntie Donna, Uncle John and Jenna's house.
She always puts on an amazing party,

even Santa shows up!
I had a really great time playing with Mika, Jenna's dog,
who let me carry her all around the party.
Second to the great company,
was the great cooking...
Grace and I especially loved the profiteroles and the ice-cream cake