Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Making

Man I love this time of year! After a relatively quiet Friday, we had an awesome weekend. Mom and I baked Friday, well, I got her all excited and started, then let her go at it herself. Otherwise, I spend the day making snowflakes.
I also discovered "Unnatural Selection" by Gary Larson (Far Side Comics) and made myself a cozy reading space and dug in to the fun and weird drawings! Saturday started when Santa ... yep Santa himself came to our school and we got to go in and share a sweet breakfast with our friends, arts and crafts and some quality time with Santa! I was so excited. Grace was less excited and would only go up with the whole family. Afterwards Mom went with Val and Esme to Crafty Wonderland for an afternoon of crafty shopping fun while Joaquin came over for a super awesome afternoon playing with me and Grace. We made really cool fort that actually stood up for once! That evening we had the annual CLR party at Dr. Mark's house which was full of kids... someone accurately described it as a vortex of kids as we spent most of the time doing laps around and around and around the house. We had a super great evening and stayed up waaay too late. Today I got to participate a lot at church, helped light the advent wreath and collect the "noisy offering" (everyone's collected change for children's hunger), so that was pretty fun. I also got to wear Mom's old coat today... it looked pretty awesome on me! The folks should have pulled it out a little sooner. This afternoon we had friends over to brew beer with Daddy. They were super nice and patient with me and Grace as we also wanted a bit of attention. All in all a pretty fun weekend for everyone.Grace is getting big! She can almost keep up with the big kids on foot. She has a load more teeth, maybe 10 now (she's not too keen on folks counting them). She is very opinionated and has no problem letting you know when she wants something. She LOVES her shoes, dressing up, things in her hair, sleeping with Mom and Dad,her binky, cuddling. She does not love table food anymore, and has regressed back to mostly baby food and crackers (it may be all those new teeth coming in).

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