Sunday, January 16, 2011

noodlie goodness

We have had a busy week. To kind of bookend it I've had some sort of stomach bug... blech
(though try to combat any blahs with a riot of bright patterns). To spite some icky moments, I have been of good cheer, and enjoyed an extra day at home Thursday. There has been some great art time. Grace is getting more and more into coloring too, so we have a great time together. Friday we got to hang out with Esme, Joaquin and Val for dinner and a movie. It was great to get to play with them, it has been since before Christmas so we had a really good time... they also got me a great earth ball for my birthday (it never ends does it?!!) that Grace and I have really been enjoying. Along with some awesome goggles from G'Aunt Gigi (that Grace also likes a lot) and a cool pop-up book about dinosaurs that has been completely occupying me (came without any sender information though... any readers responsible? We love it!). Saturday we had a bit of a relapse, so I was relatively quiet. We did have a good morning though and ran some errands and finally made some won-tons this year (with well washed hands!)! I had a more limited attention span this year, but did get a dozen in or so. It will be pretty awesome to have a dumpling stash... I love them! Today was Henry's first birthday! Grace and mom were able to go, but the folks thought it would be better for Dad and I to stay away from the little kids and Alice. We had a good day though, got some chores done outside, picked things up inside (and made a few messes along the way). Grace had a great time playing with the little'uns though, and particularly got along well with Alice. Happy birthday Henry!

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